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This page summarizes posts made by Black Isle developers on the No Mutants Allowed message boards.


Locations summary
Fort Abandon: a rundown NCR fort and a central 
location in the game. The railway has a crossroads 
here, and if the player so chooses, he can slowly 
upgrade the fort into a center of prosperity. 

Jericho: Formerly the Jericho Desalination Plant of 
New Canaan, Jericho is all that is left of the Mormon 
city. The town's prosperity revolves around the fresh 
water the still-working plant produces. However, the 
plant is old and inefficient, and Jericho is a long 
way from being the economic powerhouse it wants to be. 

Hoover Dam: The largest city in the game and the 
headquarters of the NCR government. The town is built 
along the top and sides of the dam. Unfortunately, 
Governor Dodge is a weak leader, and the ongoing war 
with the Brotherhood of Steel hasn't helped his 
popularity much. Still, he's determined to hold the 
NCR together after the destruction of Shady Sands by 
the Enclave. 

Maxson Bunker: A small outpost of the Brotherhood of 
Steel. The Brotherhood has become a shadow of its 
former self. No longer the sole custodian of advanced 
technology in the wasteland, the Brotherhood is 
struggling to find a new identity. The current 
leadership favors a return to power by wresting all 
advanced tech from the hands of "lesser people" by any 
means necessary. This attitude hasn't won them any 
friends, and because many in the Brotherhood disagree 
with such brutal methods, the whole organization is on 
the verge of civil war. 

Grand Canyon: Due to uranium demand shortly before The 
War, the U.S. government removed the GC's status as a 
national park and allowed private mining companies to 
exploit the GC's supply of uranium (yes, there really 
is uranium in the GC). The resulting mess was an 
environmental disaster. As a result, the Canyon has 
become one of the deadliest places in the wasteland, 
home to hideous mutant things seen nowhere else. Sane 
people avoid it; too bad The Prisoner will probably 
find himself in the deepest, darkest depths of the 
Canyon at some point... 

Mesa Verde: A small cliff dwelling set high in the 
side of a mesa. The people there, called the Ciphers, 
seem like any other group of tribals. In reality, 
they're quite skilled in science. They hold onto their 
secret knowledge in preparation for the day they are 
once again worthy to use it. The schematics for many a 
forgotten device is painted all over the village 
walls, but the few travelers that visit the village 
are unaware of the significance, dismissing the 
scribblings as "tribal art". 

Oroborus: Home to Hecate, a tribal madwoman who sees 
herself as a goddess and a prophet. The Daughters of 
Hecate are her prime servants, spreading Hecate's will 
to all the tribes. The Vipers, Raider exiles from the 
West, have become Hecate's fanatical army and crush 
anyone who challenges her. The other tribes fear 
Hecate's power, and rightly so. 

The Nursery: The last hope of the wasteland, where 
seeds and another genetic information, preserved from 
the world before The War, have been stored. This 
hidden valley is a lush, verdant place. Harold the 
Ghoul has found his way here, but thanks to the tree 
in his head, has been marked as an "interesting 
specimen" and has been prevented from leaving by the 
Nursery's security bots. 

The Twin Mothers: As tribal as tribals get, that's 
these guys. They do well for themselves, having skill 
in agriculture. They're the descendants of Vault 31, 
and their village is built on top of the Vault. The 
Vault itself has ceased working long ago, but it's 
still a holy place to the Twin Mothers. Hecate has a 
powerful influence here, but the tribe hasn't 
completely fallen under her sway. 

Hangdog Village: More tribals, but these guys are all 
about dogs: pets, food, guards, etc. The Hangdogs are 
slavers and scavengers, and are often in league with 
Hecate. However, they're not all bad and they just 
might not try to enslave The Prisoner if he proves 
he's good enough to be one of them. 

Boulder Dome: A research outpost, filled with all 
sorts of scientific equipment. A ZAX supercomputer is 
here, but it's been damaged and is unable to run at 
full power. Still, the few scientists here seem to 
make do, though they're somewhat tightlipped about 
what exactly they're working on. 

Denver: A ruined city of dogs and skyscrapers. There 
is no real civilization here, just a series of 
salvager camps set up high in the skyscaper ruins, 
away from the endless pack of feral dogs which roam 
the streets below. 

Burham Springs: A fiery hellhole, thanks to the 
ever-burning coal in the mines. Naturally, there's 
*something* The Prisoner needs which can only be found 
here. Heh. 

The Reservation: A ghoul town, and naturally highly 
radioactive. The ghouls are sick of being the 
underdogs of the wasteland, and they have a new leader 
who's going to stick it to the humans good. Firing 
radioactive artillery shells via Nuclear Nellie, the 
ghouls' bigass gun, into every town ought to clear 
those pesky humans out. Of course, Nellie isn't quite 
working right and the ghouls haven't figured out a way 
to move Nellie around easily. 

Bloomfield Airbase: An old Airforce base, littered 
with the rusting carcasses of numerous air vehicles. 
It's also got not one but TWO working shuttles. Anyone 
up for a trip into space? 

B.O.M.B. 001: The Ballistic Orbital Missile Base and 
the U.S.'s far more destructive version of Sputnik. 
It's the endgame area, and won't be seen until the end 
of Act 3.
''It was a Rottweiler which was exposed to "something" that made it a little bigger, a little tougher, and a little 
meaner than the average rotty-rot (I love Rottweilers, btw). You had to do a few things before the dog would befriend 
you, though. Also, we wanted to make a dog companion that would be a great fighting ally as well.''

Apparently this NPC was referred to as the Devil Dog by the Hangdog people. IIRC, I think I heard that you could name 
him whatever if you got him. 

Also, I think you could tame any old dog around that area (you needed a dog to effectively deal with the Hangdog people) 
and have him as an NPC. I can't be 100% sure on that tho. 

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what you would have to do to get him to join you (normal dogs was a check on some 
of your traits mainly), but I know that once you have him he does all sorts of interesting stuff for you (especially 
within the Hangdog tribe, as the better your dog, the better your status). 

One of the more interesting NPCs, imo: 

The Hanged Man was intended to be the best combat CNPC in the game. Fists, knives, guns - he was master of them all. The 
player was supposed to be able to find all the CNPCs early on, but they didn't want The Hanged Man to be *too* good 
right away. THey were still working on how to limit him 

The Hanged Man is wrapped from head to toe in bandages because he's pretty much burned all over. The fact that he's 
still quite mobile and dangerous is a testament to his badassness. When the PC finds him, he's hanging by the neck from 
a pole at Fort Abandon, a central Shady Sands-type area in FO3. He's pissed and very much alive, and will tag along with 
the PC if the PC cuts him down. 

Unfortunately, The Hanged Man is also one of the most evil characters around. Rape, murder, robbery - he's done them 
all. The tribals know his reputation, and having him in the party will make dealing with them *extremely* difficult. 
Even the civilized areas are somewhat fearful of him because he's the man with a seemingly infinite amount of lives. 

Little is known about The Hanged Man's history. He'll reveal that he's got a connection to Caesar's Legion, and is 
particularly ticked off at them.


More on the Devil Dog and the Hangdogs
My original design for the Hangdogs did indeed have the quality of one's dog determining rank within the tribe. The 
leader of the tribe always had the best dog. To win the Hangdogs' respect, the player must undergo the Hangdog's ritual 
of manhood by traveling into the nearby foothills and either stealing a puppy from the feral pack's den, or taming an 
adult dog. 

The Devil Dog also lives in those foothills, but the Hangdogs see him more as an evil spirit than an actual living dog. 
He's a loner, never hanging out with the other dogs (a very unnatural thing in Hangdog eyes), he survives fights with 
creatures that would kill all other dogs, and every Hangdog who has attempted to tame him has nothing but scars and 
missing body parts to show for his efforts. Showing up at the village with the Devil Dog at his side would have brought 
the player instant respect... and a great deal of fear. I believe "Walks With the Devil" was the proposed reputation 
title you could get with that tribe if you had the Devil Dog as a companion. Had you brought back a normal dog or a 
puppy, the Hangdogs would have greeted you as a brother. With the Devil Dog, you become more of a shaman, one they're 
very, very careful not to upset. 

Sean Reynolds

More on the Devil Dog

The Situationist wrote:
''What about this 'Dog Town' that Sean keeps referring to? Was that an independent location or a sub-location within the places mentioned here?''

Dog Town = Denver, just as "the Dome" = Boulder. I was trying not to spill all the beans at once, but kumquat shot that 
plan in the head. ;) 

tre wrote:
''Would this also grant the PC any special "traits" within the city? I guess that people would treat you with a high respect, but would it grant that they give you gifts, "mercs" or the like and so on?''

There were things that you could get from the Hangdogs for "owning" the Devil Dog. You could get training for your dog, 
or medical supplies, or use your increased influence to affect the outcome of certain quests, you could challenge the 
leader of the Hangdogs to a dogfight over leadership of the tribe (and the Devil Dog was just about the only dog that 
could beat his dog), and so on. 

Of course, the Devil Dog wasn't exactly healthy, and that made him unstable and dangerous.... 

Other fun stuff, this time relating to Boulder: Cannibalizing holodisks to save ZAX, learning about the robobrains and 
sleepers and CODE, extracting CNPC brains to put in robobrain bodies, using CODE to condition said brains so they 
wouldn't attack you after the operation....