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Nipton Road reststop
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Map MarkerNipton Road Reststop
Cell NameMayorSteyn (exterior)
SLNiptonRoadReststop (interior)
ref id000e1b4f (exterior)
000e1b47 (interior)

The Nipton Road Reststop is a location in Fallout: New Vegas.


Located on the junction of highway 15 and the 164, south of the Nevada Highway Patrol Station and northeast of the Mojave Outpost, this large service station once served travelers all over, offering a place to shop, refuel their vehicles, or rest for a while. Now it's a derelict ruin, infested with radscorpions. In recent weeks, the corrupt Mayor Steyn of Nipton set this place up as a safehouse, should the deal with Vulpes Inculta go awry.


The rest stop is a ruin. The gas station itself is boarded up, surrounded by stashed tires vulcanized by the desert heat. There are several Sarsaparilla crates in the garage, together with a graffiti mentioning New Canaan. The general store can be entered and contains several lootable containers that amount to the mayor's stash. The third building is a wreck, with just its skeleton remaining.

The area is crawling with radscorpions big and small. A dead Bright follower lays at the base of Poseidon Energy's sign, victim of the armored beasts.

Notable loot

  • The dead Bright follower will have a random energy weapon on them and some cells.
General store


The Nipton Road Reststop appears in Fallout: New Vegas.