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New California is one of the largest and most well-developed regions of the post-nuclear United States. This page aims to provide a coherent overview of their position in the wasteland and roles they play.

List of communities

Point of reference
Name Type Overview
New Arroyo Town Formerly a small village on the Oregon frontier called Arroyo, New Arroyo is a part of the New California Republic.[1]
Angel's Boneyard City The largest city in the Republic, carved out of the ruins of pre-War Los Angeles. The Boneyard houses many important establishments and towns, including New Adytum, Republic Reserve and the Angel's Boneyard Medical University.[1]
Dayglow Town A predominantly ghoul-inhabited state of the New California Republic, and a major exporter of salvaged goods and high technology.[1]
Den Town An anarchic frontier community. Economy once based on slave trading and acting as a gateway to trade in the Pacific Northwest. Current status not known, but slavery unlikely to be tenable.[1]
Hub City Industrial and economic center of the New California Republic, home to several of the largest caravan companies operating in the wasteland. Major exporter of water, scavenged goods, agricultural produce (both plant and animal), and a crucial hub of commerce for the region.[1]
Junktown Town A curious town that remains a major stop on the way north, towards the frontiers of the Republic. The first provisional member of the fledgling Republic.[1]
Klamath Village A small frontier town on the California-Oregon border, known for its talented trappers. Apart from exporting gecko skins, it doubles as a stop-over point for merchants trading with tribes inhabiting the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.[1]
Lost Hills Fortress The heart of the Brotherhood of Steel and its primary fortress. Despite the Brotherhood War and the general retreat of Brotherhood forces, it remains unclaimed.[1]
Modoc Town An agricultural town, supplying produce, animals, and other goods to Northern Californian communities.[1]
New Reno City A tourist town and semi-autonomous member of the New California Republic. Despite its membership, the town is still governed by influential families vying for control of its streets.[1]
Redding Town A large mining town on the edges of the Central Valley, responsible for supplying gold to the Republic. Following the destruction of gold reserves by the Brotherhood, Redding diversified its economy, becoming a major agricultural town focused on brahmin husbandry.[1]
San Francisco City A technologically-advanced city built around the pre-War Chinatown (now Shi-town). Major exporter of fish, salvage, and exotic foodstuffs.[1]
Shady Sands City, population 3000+ The capital of the New California Republic and the largest city built up from scratch in post-War America. Citizens enjoy a high level of life thanks to a well-equipped police force and excellent infrastructure, including electricity.[1]
Vault City Town, population 103 citizens with an unknown number of transients and non-citizens. Former independent state on the Northern Californian frontier, now a member of the New California Republic. Major exporter of pre-War grade medical supplies.[1]

List of abandoned communities

Name Type Overview Cause of abandonment
Broken Hills Town A mining community centered around an old uranium mine uncovered by Marcus, attempting to build a new society based on tolerance, cooperation, and collaboration between humans and humanoid mutants like ghouls and Mariposa super mutants.[1] Collapse following exhaustion of uranium circa 2240s.[2]
Cathedral Fortress Center of worship, operations, and cover for the Master's headquarters. Well supplied and provisioned by the Unity and the cult.[1] Nuked by the Vault Dweller.[3]
Necropolis Town Ruins of Bakersfield, formerly inhabited by ghouls who have formed a makeshift community living off the remnants of the Old World. Their community was isolationist, except for imports of water from the Hub.[1] Razed by the Unity circa 2161.[4]
Vault 13 Vault A control Vault with the complete set of facilities: Hydroponics, recycling, medical, and others necessary for prolonged isolation from the world.[1] Razed by the Enclave, infrastructure left intact.[5]