New California Republic Hospital

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For more hospitals throughout the Fallout series, see Hospital.
New California Republic Hospital
Part ofShady Sands, Downtown

The New California Republic Hospital is New California Republic's local hospital, and unlike the clinic run by Dr. Henry does work to heal the Chosen One. Doc Jubilee sells medicines to the Chosen One and can also sell a map to find Vault 13 after dialogue with Saltbeef Bob for $10000, as well as provide medical treatment.



The Hospital has a front room in which the Doctor is situated. This room has a pot, but more importantly a bookshelf with medical supplies which can be taken. It also contains a syringe with poison that can be used to kill Roger Westin for the mission Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder. It also has a stove and a dining table, suggesting that this is where Doc Jubilee also lives as well as works.

The second room has two beds, presumably with space for the Doctor as well as one recuperating patient.

Loot in the station

Bookcase in the main room:


New California Republic Hospital appears only in Fallout 2.