Neponset Park

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Neponset Park
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Map MarkerNeponset Park
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TerminalsPersonal Terminal

Neponset Park is a location in the Commonwealth.


Once a weekend getaway for the people of Massachusetts, this light coastal campground[1] was practically abandoned when Quincy quarries was reactivated.[2] Lying just to the east of the Park its patrons were driven off by the noise. Unbeknownst to the populace, the mining was a cover for the construction of Vault 88.

Its last occupant was Charles Deter Jr. whom had fond memories of the grounds as a child.[1] Searching for a quiet place to escape his marital troubles and the distractions of city life to write his book "The Trouble Before the Storm".[3][4][5][6] To his chagrin[7] he simply couldn't escape the noise, the crew would work from the early hours of the day into the late hours of night.[8] Unable to sleep, let alone write his book, he spent his time shooting cans off a fence and crabs on the shore.[9]

On the fifth day (October 23, 2077) at the Park he finally snapped, grabbed his rifle and headed to the Quarry, intent on killing to workers.[10] His skeleton lies under the superhighway, next to his rifle and final journal entry, apparently dying from the radiation of the Great War.[11] Two hundred years later the Park would become a nesting ground for the Mirelurk,[1] while the Quarry would become home to Slough's raider gang.


The camp consists of two small cabins with a cooking station in between them. The southern cabin contains several mirelurk egg clutches, while the northern cabin has an Advanced-locked door and contains a steamer trunk and a personal terminal.


Neponset Park appears only in Fallout 4.