Nephi's golf driver

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Nephi's golf driver
Nephi's golf driver.png
Nephi's golf driver icon.png
SkillMelee Weapons 25
Strength Req.2
Attack statistics
30 (41.7)
71 (138.2)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
2.4 (3.3)AP21
EffectNormal weapon reach
Item HP50
9 iron
Two-handed melee
Editor ID?
Base ID000f56f6
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Lord Death
Perks (Att.)

Nephi's golf driver is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


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The game of golf has disappeared from the wasteland, but this beaten and battered golf club is still effective at beating and battering skulls.

Nephi's golf driver is a unique 9 iron used by Driver Nephi. Compared to its counterpart the 9 iron, this golf driver is in more pristine condition, and appears to be straight, and not battered. If you look at the club in third person, there is an Ace of Spades engraved on its head.

Gameplay attributes

Compared to the normal 9 iron, Nephi's golf driver is superior in essentially every way. Notably, it has a 40% longer melee reach. The only downside is a slightly reduced durability and an increased value, which makes repairs more frequent and more expensive.

It has a special V.A.T.S. attack named "Fore!" that will always result in knocking down the enemy at the cost of 25 action points (requires a Melee skill of 50).

This weapon can be used to accomplish the Gun Runners' Arsenal challenge A Slave Obeys.



Name Dmg/att DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg AP cost Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
9 iron 17 38 2.2 x1 17 22 3 60 55 Melee Weapons:25 Strength:2
Nephi's golf driver 30 71 2.368 x1.2 30 21 1 50 500 Melee Weapons:25 Strength:2


  • It can only be obtained by killing Driver Nephi, a Fiend to the southwest of New Vegas.


Nephi's golf driver icon.png