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Nelson house
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Nelson)
Part ofNelson
FactionsCaesar's Legion
New California Republic
Cell NameNelsonHouse01 (house 1)
NelsonHouse02 (house 2)
NelsonHouse03 (house 3)
NelsonHouse04 (house 4)
NelsonHouse05 (house 5)
ref id001244cc (house 1)
001244cb (house 2)
001244ca (house 3)
001244c9 (house 4)
001244c8 (house 5)

Nelson houses are five buildings found at Nelson in Fallout: New Vegas.


The buildings follow a single basic layout: A large main room with an adjacent bathroom, with the interior furnished according to the purpose of the building.


The northeastern house is used as storage for mattresses, water supplies, and other items once necessary for the NCR garrison.

Mess hall

The house by the storage was converted into a mess hall. It still bears traces of the fighting, with overturned tables and scattered cutlery not corrected by the legionaries.


This one was just a regular house, sitting by the southern bunker/watchtower. It contains a main room, which served as a dining area, kitchen, and workspace,w ith a small adjacent bedroom and bathroom.


Auxiliary barracks, used to house six troopers. Follows the usual design for ranch houses in the Mojave.


This house sits by the barracks' side and contains an upturned fridge with a Nuka-Cola Victory by it.

Notable loot


Nelson houses appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.