Nellis children's barracks

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Nellis children's barracks
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Map Marker(nearest: Nellis Hangars)
Part ofNellis Air Force Base
Cell NameNellisBarracks04
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The Nellis children's barracks is a building inside Nellis Air Force Base.


The Nellis children's barracks is near Nellis Hangars, south of Pearl's barracks. Inside are a couple of bunk beds, on which the player can freely sleep. On the floor are some children's toys and boxes.

Notable loot

  • BB Gun in the far left corner of the room by a shelf.
  • 40 BB's next to the door.
  • A Today's Physician magazine on the desk.
  • Some medicinal loot in a first aid box on the wall in the bathroom.


The Nellis children's barracks appear in Fallout: New Vegas.