The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# quick look
{100}{}{You see a scientist.}

# examines
{150}{}{You see a stern-looking man with a clipboard and a hypodermic. He ignores you.}
{151}{}{He looks extremely tired and irritable.}
{152}{}{You see a tired -looking woman. She is checking a clipboard and looking around as if she has forgotten something.}
{153}{}{She is filling a hypodermic, grumbling slightly to herself.}

{154}{}{Hello Myron, sir.}
{155}{}{Myron...sir, do you have a minute…?}
{156}{}{Any more word when new slaves will be delivered, Myron, sir?}
{157}{}{Myron...sir, these new results are very promising…}
{158}{}{Myron? A minute of your time, sir?}
{159}{}{Where the hell is Myron…}
{160}{}{Get Myron up here. He has to see this.}
{161}{}{Wish these slaves would shut up…}
{162}{}{Where did I leave that syringe…}
{163}{}{Has anyone seen Subject 31? He was here just a second ago.}
{164}{}{Have the slaves bring more of the Jet Beta.}
{165}{}{Test results from Jet Beta are very promising, but…}
{166}{}{"High" lasts 15 min to an hour…calculate one dose/hour period…hmmmmnnn.}
{167}{}{Subject 12 still keeps having bleeding in the lungs…}
{168}{}{That's the fifth time Subject 12 has had seizures…up the dose, see what happens…}
{169}{}{Well, what SORT of hallucinations was he having?}
{170}{}{Check that one's heart rate. If it's still within tolerable limits, up the dosage.}
{171}{}{Why did the slave in the control group kill herself? We weren't even testing her!}

{200}{}{Tests are proceeding as scheduled, Myron.}
{201}{}{This new strain of Jet is extremely addictive, sir. The slaves are almost willing to kill each other for it.}
{202}{}{The slaves would rather take Jet than eat, it's so potent.}
{203}{}{Who are these people with you, Myron? New subjects?}
{204}{}{The third test group seem to be doing the best of all the groups, Myron, sir.}
{205}{}{Myron, I think the next test group should include at least three children, sir.}
{206}{}{Myron, sir, Subject 46 had a heart attack; we are restricting doses to six times a day from now on.}
{207}{}{Myron? We need a new shipment of hypodermics from Vault City, soon. We can't keep re-using these.}
{208}{}{Myron, at last! Any more word when new slaves will be delivered, sir?}
{209}{}{Myron, sir, we moved three slaves from the control group into the test group because of those respiratory failures we had last week.}
{210}{}{Myron, sir...we had to shoot one slave for trying to escape. What a waste.}
{211}{}{Myron...this new mild hallucinogen you've developed is promising, but it is not as addictive as jet…}
{212}{}{If you have any suggestions, please write it on a piece of paper and then put it right in the trash bin over there.}
{213}{}{Yes, yes, what?}
{214}{}{We won't be able to get results if you keep interrupting us.}
{215}{}{Seems they let everyone and their mother run through here nowadays…}
{216}{}{What do you want?}
{217}{}{Please excuse me, *I* have work to do.}
{218}{}{If you have questions, talk to the guards, not me.}
{219}{}{Yes, I'm certain that whatever you need is of *great* importance, but I have duties of my own.}
{220}{}{Are you authorized to be in here?}
{221}{}{Who allowed you in here?}
{222}{}{When Myron hears strangers were entering the lab…}
{223}{}{Do you have those test results I asked for…oh, sorry. Thought you were a lab tech.}
{224}{}{Too busy to talk right now, sorry.}
{225}{}{Need a new crop of slaves soon…these ones are running out of steam.}

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