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National Guard training yard
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Map MarkerNational Guard Training Yard
FactionsNational Guard of the United States (formerly)
Brotherhood of Steel (formerly)
QuestsThe Lost Patrol
The Silver Shroud
Traffic Jam
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TerminalsNational Guard training yard terminals

The National Guard training yard is a location in the Commonwealth.


This training yard was used by the 101st Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Battalion. The facility was expanded just prior to the Great War to include sizable barracks, administrative and recruitment office, obstacle course, an armory with power armor maintenance facilities, and even its own, dedicated plutonium well for energy independence.[1] The Great War pounced upon the facility, followed by refugees from the nuked Greater Boston Area. The military attempted to impose a semblance of order, setting up checkpoints and strongpoints to contain the terrified civilians that swarmed the facilities.[2] Unfortunately, the efforts proved in vain, as the soldiers were unable to control the crowd, which rushed the building and violence ensued, culminating in the tipping of an evacuation VB-01 Vertibird parked on the helipad. As the crowds dispersed and the wasteland crept in, automated turrets and mines protected the facility and mostly kept the feral ghouls those left behind turned into inside, even two centuries after the war.[3]

In recent years, a detachment of the Brotherhood of Steel used the yard's facilities to to house and repair their power armor.[1]



Outside, the recruitment office and barracks are connected by a hallway. To the north of these structures is a small concrete hut, and to the west is a similar hut and crashed Vertibird. Between the two huts, behind the buildings, is a cooking station.

National Guard recruitment office

The entrance way is lined with display cases before transferring to a main room, which contains a cooking station; to the west is a gated doorway (with an Expert-locked terminal) leading to the barracks, to the southwest is an office where Knight Tara Astlin made her final stand, and to the east is a staircase leading up to the second story. The second story is mostly collapsed, but still hosts a few offices.


National Guard barracks

A small open hallway leads from the recruitment office to the barracks; the entrance hallway is blocked by a collapsed floor, forcing one up the adjacent staircase to the second story. The immediate left leads to some offices, and continuing straight ahead, there is a storeroom to the left and the sleeping quarters and showers/lavatories to the right (both rooms have collapsed floors leading back to the ground level). The ground floor below hosts the kitchen and mess hall, and has a door on the far south wall that leads outside to a security gate.

National Guard armory

Locked with a Master-level lock, the armory west-northwest of the barracks and recruitment office. The entrance room is protected by laser tripwires. To the west is a small workshop containing an armor and weapons workbench as well as a trunk; to the north is a power armor storage room (opened with a Novice-locked terminal), which contains a power armor frame and partial suit of leveled power armor.

Notable loot


The National Guard training yard appears only in Fallout 4.


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