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The NCR justice system relies on a system of courts, much like the pre-War United States.[1] They are handling both civilian cases, like divorces,[2] and criminal cases.

The courts are known to favor citizens of the NCR over regular wastelanders.[3]


  1. NCR history holodisk: "The New California Republic is dedicated to bringing peace, security and justice to the people of the great west. NCR's fine police forces constantly patrol and arrest any raiders, cannibals, slavers, and lawless mutants within the country, and the NCR army valiantly protects the borders against outside marauders. To ensure justice and liberty, all citizens have access to NCR's courts and the right to vote for a representative of their choice to sit in the Hall of Congress. In the words of President Tandi "A safe people is a strong people."
  2. Officer Jack's dialogue: "{135}{}{Like I said. My ex. I catch her sleeping around and now she's saying I'm the bad guy. Got the court to give her everything and she's still trying to screw me.}"
  3. Mira's dialogue: "{149}{}{Word of advice. Keep your nose clean in town. Courts aren't too friendly to our types, if you know what I mean. Citizens got more rights than you.}"
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