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NCR bandoleer armor
FNV NCR Trooper Armor Bandoleer.png
Icon NCR bandoleer armor.png
5 (JS)10
Item HP400
EffectsDisguise: NCR
Any NCR trooper armor variant
Medium Armor
base id000ee691
Matching headgear
Trooper helmet
Goggles helmet

NCR bandoleer armor is a variant of the NCR Army armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


Main article: NCR Army armor

The standard uniform of the New California Republic Army is designed for ease of maintenance, production, and durability. Manufactured from inexpensive, rugged fabrics, it's the most recognizable element of the Republic's military might. Fatigues are the basis of the uniform, consisting of a tunic and pants. The tunic is roughly thigh-length with full length sleeves, and closed with five front buttons. For storage, two storage pockets are sewn onto the upper arms, with two frontal pockets just below the belt loops. The utility belt fits straight in, typically worn with a water canteen and two universal carry pouches. The tunic comes with a pair of leather, fingerless gloves. The trousers are a simple cut, with additional padding around the thighs and knees to provide protection in rough terrain. They are usually worn tucked into a pair of heavy-duty, cross-laced combat boots. Both the pant legs and the tunic sleeves are worn with cloth wraps, to seal them off and prevent sand from seeping in. Fatigues are usually worn in garrisons or by military policemen. In the latter case, they are also marked with a black band with MP emblazoned in white, capital letters. All fatigues come with a facewrap that can be pulled up to protect against the elements.[1]

Protection is provided by a two-piece ballistic vest protecting the upper torso, mounted using leather straps and combined with a pair of reinforced shoulder protectors. Troopers are also issued steel combat helmets as standard, together with a pair of desert googles. Officers frequently forgo the usual helmet in favor of a green beret bearing the Bear-and-Star. Armors are also frequently enhanced with a bandoleer for extra carrying capacity or a mantle (most commonly to distinguish officers).[2] The bulk and weight of the body armor has earned it little favor with the troopers, although many recruits long for a suit. Equipment shortages resulted in new recruits not being issued body armor.[3] The Army has tried to compensate by calling for bids on a new contract for body armor, but it was still in the bidding stages in 2281, with particularly fierce competition between Crimson Caravan and Far Go Traders[4]


The standard uniform worn by almost all NCR troopers and Army officers. It has a decent DT, 10, although it is a lot heavier than reinforced leather armor which provides the same kind of protection at a much lower weight.

However, trooper armors are a very inexpensive way to maintain any medium armor with the Jury Rigging, thanks to its ubiquity and cheap price tag.




Behind the scenes

  • The NCR armor in general was inspired by uniforms worn by Commonwealth units during World War II.[5]



  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png The geometry on some NCR armors is poorly made, resulting in them clipping into the player's field of vision while aiming (a black strip is produced across the screen).


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