NCR Police

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NCR Police
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LeadershipSheriff Dumont (2241)
HeadquartersSheriff's department, Shady Sands
Notable LocationsShady Sands
Relations and associations
Child EntitiesVice-presidential security

Move along now. There's nothing to see here.

— NCR police officer, Fallout 2

NCR Police is the law enforcement agency of the New California Republic.


In order to enforce the laws of the Republic, the government requires more than a loose network of sheriffs, marshals, and frontier vigilantes. To remove the issues with a single stroke, the all-professional Police force was founded, with standardized dark blue uniforms and weaponry. Their role is simple: Ensure that the citizens of the Republic can enjoy their peace and quiet, while coming down hard on law breakers. The capital of the Republic, Shady Sands, is particularly heavily policed, particularly when the no weapon policy is concerned,[1] and curfews.[2] All police officers are authorized to use lethal force when necessary, though unless someone is committing a crime or openly brandishing weapons, they try to exercise restraint.[3]

Interactions with the player character

  • If the player is lucky, they won't have too many problems from the NCR Police. In fact, upstanding citizens can gain a recommendation from Sheriff Dumont for work at Roger Westin's estate.


NCR Police appears in Fallout 2.


  1. NCR policeman: "{104}{}{Stranger, we got a no weapon policy in this town. Put your weapon away.}"
  2. NCR policeman: "{106}{}{It's after curfew, stranger. Why don't you head home?}"
  3. NCR policeman: "{115}{}{If you don't stop fooling with that I am authorized to shoot you.}"