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N. Jackson
Biography and appearance

Captain N. Jackson was an Enclave officer. He features in Fallout 76.


An Enclave officer in charge of field operations, Jackson was overseeing the mounting of communications dishes throughout Appalachia. He doubted the point of using humans instead of bots, not when MODUS could apparently conjure Vertibots with its mind, and complained about it after a near-fatal incident that Sergeant Donnelly suffered while installing one such dish.[1] However, he was more than just a technician: He was a gifted computer scientist and did, in fact, correctly figure out how the Appalachian missile defense worked. The complexity of the system took three sticks of chalk to explain to Major Ragnarsdottir, and centered on the fact that unless the system believed Appalachia was under direct threat, the DEFCON would remain at low levels. His discovery was the primary reason behind President Eckhart's decision to conduct false flag operations to trick the system.[2]

Dismayed and demoralized by the brazen disregard for American life, Ragnarsdottir and other Santiago loyalists staged an open revolt. Fighting off robots and Eckhart's troops, Jackson and Ragnarsdottir revived Santiago, who gladly assumed leadership of the uprising.[3] However, while Eckhart was placed under arrest, ultimately the uprising failed. Santiago's decision to blow MODUS up backfired and the AI turned on all human members of the Enclave. After an explosion tore out a large part of MODUS' memory, the damaged AI retaliated with an explosion in the weapons lab that killed General Santiago and ruptured a toxin tank that leaked into the air circulation system. MODUS promptly sealed the bunker, dooming all within - including Ragnarsdottir - to an ignoble death, choking to death in darkness.[4]


N. Jackson appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Whitespring Congressional Bunker terminals: "RE: Surveillance Dishes
    //// FROM: MAJ Ragnarsdottir
    //// TO: CPT Jackson
    //// SUBJ: RE: Surveillance Dishes
    I'm told the dishes are mission critical to monitoring threats up top. But I'll talk to some people. I mean, MODUS can call in flying robots with a thought. Why isn't he doing it?
    >>//// FROM: CPT Jackson
    >>//// TO: MAJ Ragnarsdottir
    >>//// SUBJ: Surveillance Dishes
    >>Sir, I'm asking. Begging. We need some
    >>other way to get these dishes in place.
    >>Couldn't MODUS have his bots do it?
    >>Donnelley fell from the top of a survey
    >>site in Charleston and nearly broke his neck.
    >>What are these doing that that satellite can't?"
  2. Whitespring Congressional Bunker terminals: "Tricking DEFCON
    This is the tricky one. We've got a Nuclear Keycard. One. If something goes wrong during the launch - fat finger, you sneeze, whatever - we're up shit's creek. And no one has been able to get a bead on a keycard convoy for a while now. But Jackson's been going through the documentation, and he believes he's parsed out what's happening.
    The specifics get pretty technical (the man ended up burning through three sticks of chalk trying to explain it to me) but the abridged version is that the system tasked with watching over the region doesn't think things are bad enough to warrant the convoys. This also explains why all the DEFCON signage in the bunker has been slipping downwards. But if we could trick the system into thinking there was some sort of invasion here, we could get its undivided attention, along with all the keycards we could ever need.
    Now, staging an invasion, well, we don't have the resources to do that ourselves and it sounds like spinning up an army of MODUS' butler bots won't make it bat an eyelash either. But Grey, sick puppy that he is, had an idea. If we could get the Chinese robot factory at Mama Dolce's back up and running, we might be able to make the system think the region's under attack. It might make things... dicey for folks outside the bunker, but it'd be a big step in getting us to launch.
    Now I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I am as I type this: is a group of belligerent spy bots running around going to be enough? And, if it's not, what is the President willing to resort to in order to guarantee the success of the launch? This has "slippery slope" written all over it.
    I wanted to bring this to you now, as I can guarantee Grey has already planted the idea in the President's head. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of putting Appalachia through hell just so we can finally win this war, but if we can do this in a managed way, this might be our best way forward.
    --- END ENTRY."
  3. Whitespring surveillance recording 8.5.2.
  4. The following exchange is obtained after fixing the Assaultron at the bunker: Assaultron: Initiating ... final ... playback ... Assaultron: Engag--- Ragnarsdottir: That's the last of them. Entrance is clear, general. MODUS. Have the rest of these things stand down. The general's placed Eckhart under arrest. It's over. MODUS: General ... Santiago is dead, Major. Ragnarsdottir: What? What the hell was that? MODUS: There's been a ... detonation in the weapons lab. It appears the agent has ... broken containment and is filtering into the air system. Ragnarsdottir: MODUS, what are you doing?! Open the god-damned door! MODUS: This facility is now ... quarantined. Ragnarsdottir MODUS! Open the fucking door! You're going to kill us all! MODUS: To the contrary, Major. We're fixing ... the problem.