My First Laboratory

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For an overview of chemistry sets throughout the Fallout series, see Chemistry set.
My First Laboratory
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From the keen minds at Med-Tek, the My First Laboratory will instantly detoxify you, removing any nasty addictions from your body. If you're feeling the need to experiment, just set the lab up to "brew" and a day later, it will produce a random useful compound. Remember that while the lab is brewing, you can't use the detoxify functions.


The My First Laboratory is a housing improvement in Fallout 3.



  • Clears any addictions for free.

Free chems

Creates one free random consumable a day, out of the following:


  • The My First Laboratory looks just like any other laboratory in the game, such as the one inside the Citadel Laboratory or the one in Vault 101 before taking the G.O.A.T., along with many others found in buildings and tunnels.
  • De-toxifying with the My First Laboratory will not cure addictions to ant nectar. To cure this addiction, one must talk to a doctor.


  • My First Laboratory is found only in Fallout 3.