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A pair of mutfruit trees in Appalachia.

Malus maattaa, commonly called the mutfruit plant, is one of the most commonly cultivated plants across the wasteland. Hardy, nutritious, and efficient, this dwarf tree yields delicious mutfruit that can be used in a variety of dishes, and even has use in medicine. Mutfruit seeds can be used for planting, but require careful management of existing stock. Some farmers simply set aside a portion of the crop for extracting seeds to replant.[1]

Vault 81 has also experimented with hybridizing mutfruit to create mutfruit that are particularly resistant to radiation, allowing for it to be consumed more safely. However, the imperfect hybridization technology has raised questions about flavor and texture of crops thus modified.[2]

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  1. Supervisor Brown: "We're very nearly out of mutfruit seeds. Best if we set more of the fruit aside for extraction, wouldn't you say?''"
  2. Priscilla Penske: "Just a small part of it. My hope is to create a strain of foods that have increased resistance to radiation. What good is fresh produce if it's always contaminated by its environment? That particular strain of Mutfruit should do well, but I wasn't certain how the hybridization would affect the flavor and texture."