Mutant hounds (Fallout 76)

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Mutant hounds

Mutant hounds are creatures found in Fallout 76.


Canids that underwent the same Forced Evolutionary Virus regimen that created super mutants, these monstrous dogs often accompany their super mutant masters, acting as guard dogs.[1] Mutant hounds still resemble the dogs they evolved from, but are significantly more stout and stocky, covered in rippling muscle. Notably, they also have green skin similar to super mutants, lost all of their fur, and possess a maw of gnarly, protruding teeth. They are approximately a meter tall at the shoulder, and 1.5 meters long from muzzle to tail. As obligate carnivores, they feast on the flesh of wastelanders unfortunate enough to wander near super mutant camps.


The standard mutant hound is found wandering around super mutant camps and alerts the super mutants of any intruders before attacking. Super mutant camps typically have 2-4 hounds patrolling around, on the lookout for intruders. Once they detect such an intruder – usually the player character – mutant hounds let out a distinctly loud and bellowing howl and alert their super mutants masters to their presence. In addition to alerting, mutant hounds viciously pursue intruders and attack by lunging with their snarling maw of teeth; their bites also deal radiation damage.




  1. Fallout 76 loading screen hints: "Mutant Hounds are typically raised and trained by Super Mutants, who use them as vicious guard and attack dogs."