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Museum of Freedom
Museum of Freedom 1.jpg
Worldmap Loc Img 036.png
Part ofConcord
FactionsGristle's raiders
Commonwealth Minutemen
Cell NameConcordMuseum01 (interior)
ref id00017df7 (interior)
TerminalsComputer Terminal (Novice)
Museum Operations Terminal

This mural commemorates the many sacrifices of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

From Lexington and Concord to the shores of Iwo Jima, from the Sea of Tranquility to the Anchorage Front Line, Americans have fought and died through the ages to secure our nation’s freedom.

May their sacrifices remind us all that freedom is a privilege afforded to the many, yet hard won by a noble few.

— America's Freedom Fighters, [1]

The Museum of Freedom is a building located inside the town of Concord, in the Commonwealth.


A popular tourist destination before the Great War, the Museum of Freedom was dedicated to remembering and honoring the American soldier and the liberty they ensured for their nation for 300 years, from the American Revolutionary War to the Anchorage Reclamation of the Sino-American War.[2]

Preston Garvey of the Commonwealth Minutemen led a group of settlers from Quincy all the way to Concord to find the a better life, only to find a crew of raiders instead. It is apt that Garvey is making his stand in the museum, which once reminded patrons that freedom is a privilege enjoyed by many, but hard one by a noble few.[3]


The museum opens to a main lobby with ticket booths straight ahead, as well as an Advanced-locked gate that impedes progress into the rest of the museum. A doorway to the north leads through several exhibits, including the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. The exhibits exit to a stairway up the second floor, and a collapsed floor leading down to the basement.

The second floor consists of several ruined exhibition rooms; the rooms on the south side contain a busted wall, which leads to a staircase to the third floor. The third floor is mainly administration offices, including the office where the settlers are making their stand, to the east. The northern side of the third floor has a door leading up to the roof of the building, where a crashed VB-01 Vertibird rests.

Notable loot


  • There is a cut room to the left of the main staircase, through the wall.


Concept art


The Museum of Freedom appears only in Fallout 4.


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    It’s rather apt that Preston Garvey has decided to take a stand here, in a place dedicated to reminding patrons that freedom is a privilege afforded to the many, yet hard won by a noble few. Rescue them (without forgetting the magazine and Bobblehead in the room they’re in) and begin a long and fruitful relationship with the settlers of the Commonwealth. Access the door to the roof to reach the Vertibird. Use the previous Concord map to note the items to grab there."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)

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