Moving Forward

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Moving Forward
QuestsIn Sheep's Clothing
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Moving Forward is a paper note in Fallout 4.




There is no disputing it now. Former Mayor McDonough was a synth – an agent of the Institute who used his power and influence to do untold damage to Diamond City and the live within it. Abandoned by his masters, there's no telling how many more people he would have hurt or killed had he not been stopped.

We have the truth, bitter as it is. We cannot predict how long it will take us to unravel all of McDonough's lies, to even begin to repair the years of carefully orchestrated sabotage. Is the Wall truly secure? Will we ever know the fates of Diamond City's missing? Will the position of Mayor ever be entrusted to someone else?

Everyone in Diamond City, whether they would acknowledge it or not, lived in fear of the Institute striking at them. Now they have. The city is still standing. Our daily routines keep grinding away. We still work, and eat, and sleep, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Are you still afraid, Diamond City?