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Mount Desert Island
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Mount Desert Island as seen from the mainland
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Part ofMaine
FactionsChildren of Atom
Far Harbor
Vault 118

Mount Desert Island, otherwise known as The Island is the setting of Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Before the Great War, this island off the coast of Maine in the New England Commonwealth was home to Acadia National Park.[1] The island also hosted an experimental wind farm on the mountainside as a "clean" alternative to nuclear power, but was set to be shut down and dismantled at the end of October 2077 due to the threat that wind power presented to its nuclear-based parent company.[2][3]

After the War, Mount Desert Island was radically changed. The island is now perpetually blanketed in a thick, radioactive fog; nearly every species on the island has been severely mutated, and only a few areas are still left habitable.[4] Although, the denizens of Far Harbor have managed to keep the fog at bay with fog condensers, a technology developed and distributed by Acadia. Unfortunately, there are elements on the island that want to see the condensers turned off and the entire island finally being covered in the radioactive fog.

There are three major factions that inhabit the island: the residents of Far Harbor, the Children of Atom operating out of The Nucleus, and Acadia, a refuge for runaway synths. It certainly does not help that the residents of Far Harbor are by and large distrustful of any outsiders.[5] The main conflict sprouts from Far Harbor and the Children of Atom being at odds with each other; the Children of Atom welcome and encourage the radioactive fog to consume the island, believing it to be the will of their god, Atom,[6] and this is obviously not in the best interest of the coastal town. Far Harbor has literally been pushed to the edge, with the docks being the only habitable area safe from the fog. In response to this, residents of Far Harbor have killed several Children of Atom missionaries over the years due to this endangerment, but this has only encouraged the Children to spread their gospel with increased fervor.[7]

Acadia is the third wheel in this conflict, having only been established shortly after the hostilities between Far Harbor and the Children of Atom began.[8] Naturally, a large portion of Far Harbor residents are suspicious of the synth refuge to the south, even after Acadia provided the town with fog condensers, meaning Acadia has been roped into the conflict, despite efforts to reconcile Far Harbor and the radioactive zealots.[5][9]


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The Island is approximately one-fifth the size of the Commonwealth, and consists of ruined civilization, mountains, hilly pine forests, wetlands and swamps. Most notably, the town of Far Harbor rests on the northeast edge of the island, Acadia rests atop the mountains in the east-central part of the island, and The Nucleus appropriately lies on the tip of a peninsula near the center of the island.

The main island is connected by a series of roads, but swimming is required to get to the smaller islands off the coast. Major points of interest include the MS Azalea, moored on a peninsula in the east, the Cliff's Edge Hotel and Vault 118 beneath it, Echo Lake Lumber Mill on the western side of the island, Brooke's Head Lighthouse on the southern coast, the Vim! Pop factory on an island south of the main island, and the Cranberry Island Bog off the southern coast.

Smaller islands include;

  • Bartlett's Island
  • Great Cranberry Island
  • Little Cranberry Island


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Mount Desert Island appears only the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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