Morningstar mine scrip

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Morningstar mine scrip
FO2 Morningstar Mine Scrip.gif
Value$ 1
Prototype ID00000420
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

This is a small chit probably used to pay Morningstar Mine Workers.

The Morningstar mine scrip is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


It is used as a supplemental currency in the town of Redding. They are backed by the Morningstar Mining Company and issued as payment to their workers. Each scrip holds a face value of 5 NCR dollars but in practice they have the same value as $1 NCR.

Although intended to be used in Redding only, any trader will accept them.


  • In Redding, on the various miners and some containers.
  • A grave in Golgotha contains 134 Morngingstar mine scirps, along with a pair of Mirrored shades. Note that digging this grave will make you a Grave Digger and will make you lose 5 Karma. (Requires a shovel).