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Part ofThe Forest
  • Feral ghouls
  • Other
    QuestsFinal Departure, Feed the People, Back on the Beat
  • The Forest location
  • Supports large encounters
  • General theme
  • Fast travel destination
  • Interior cell
  • Supports giant encounters
  • Large loot scale
  • Nuke target

    Morgantown is a location in Fallout 76.


    Situated on the banks of the Monongahela River in northern Appalachia, the city of Morgantown was alive and booming prior to the Great War. The home of Vault-Tec University, the city was a prime stop for many students, hunters, miners, soldiers, and visitors passing through. To meet the demand for transportation within the city amid a country experiencing a low supply of gasoline[1], the city featured a monorail that had a stop at Morgantown Airport and Vault-Tec University, as well as two stops at both the northern and southern parts of downtown. People living and working within the city had challenges, though. Some businesses were impacted by new technologies and a changing world that decreased their revenue[2][3][4], while others suffered from the growth of the local land values that triggered increase of rent.[5]. For the most part, Morgantown was a lively city and continued to be so, even after the Great War, if not with a twist.

    Following the war, the city was torn apart by violence, chaos, and subsequently, death. Some managed to wait out the turmoil, but in time, even the students at Vault-Tec University had to leave from loss of rations.[6] In a throwback to the feudalism experienced in the middle ages, the Greek houses from Vault-Tec University began to form communities, with some that had undergone special training in their courses assuming leadership roles, and began to absorb the smaller Greek houses, thereby expanding their territory.[7] In the first year, many students died of natural causes like radiation poisoning, dehydration, starvation, however, most students died from the wars between the Greek houses.[8]RadAway shortages came to be commonplace, as time passed without any substantial relief. In particular, one such event was recorded in which a group of male students fought over a cache of RadAway they found and killed one of the students - marking the first death by fellow peer.[9] At this time, the two leading Greek houses were the Roof House and the Street House. These two houses were differentiated by their territories, with the Roof House ruling from the monorails and roofs of buildings, while the Street House survived amongst the alleys and streets below.[10] The continued onslaught of radiation decimated the houses, causing students and other survivors to lose their hair and skin or just simply keel over dead. It was only with the aid of RadAway that the leading houses were able to maintain control over Morgantown and their territory.[11]. In time, a possible truce between Street House and Roof House was suggested after the radiation proved to be too much for them to cope with.[12]

    Following the Christmas Flood of 2082 nearly wiped-out the Responders in Charleston, a group of them, led by Maria Chavez returned to Morgantown Airport and set up headquarters in the abandoned airport terminal and tarmac, where they set up triage and aid for the surrounding area. A member of the group, Sanjay Kumar, managed to set up a protectron to patrol the streets and three locations with supply caches[13], along with modifying the machinery inside Mama Dolce's Food Processing to manufacture canned food.[14] Eventually, despite all their efforts, the Responders invaded by the Scorched and subsequently wiped-out. By 2102, the only inhabitants of the city were feral ghouls and the Scorched - with the fate of the other survivors unknown.

    Points of interest

    The city has a colossal amount of loot, both notable and junk, spread out through the old campsites, buildings, caches, etc. There's a few workstations hidden through the city, although most of them are on the rooftops, which can only be accessed by climbing stairwells and fire escapes, parkouring from the monorail tracks, and various combinations of the two. Two daily events, Back on the Beat and Feed the People can be completed every twenty-four hours for various items and experience.

    • Note: This section lists each location/building in Morgantown with a brief description. For a more detailed description of each building and tips on how to acquire any loot or collectibles can be found on their individual pages, so as to not clutter this main page.

    North Morgantown Locations

    • Apartments (Inaccessible Interior)
    • Attorney (Responder Stash Room)
    • Delicatessan (Responder Stash Room) and Apartments (Interior and Roof Access)
    • Foodstuffs Building (Rooftop Camp)
    • Morgantown Monorail Station: North (and Parking Lot)
    • Pulowski Preservation Shelter (North)
    • Red Rocket Gas Station
    • Riverbank Pipe Pile, Metal Garage, and Warehouses
    • Shadowbreeze Apartments (Scaffold Apartments, and Moorman's Interior and Roof Access)
    • Student Survivors' Chem Lab (Monorail Tracks)
    • Water Tower and Northwest Hillside Homes
    • Welcome to Morgantown Sign

    Central Morgantown Locations

    South Morgantown Locations

    • Apartment Tower (Interior, Roof, and Monorail Access)
    • Bank of Morgantown (University Branch)
    • Book and Stationary Shop, and Barber's
    • Graviano's Italian Eatery
    • Limestone Tenament (Roof and Monorail Access)
    • Morgantown Monorail Station: South
    • Morgantown Tavern
    • Pawn Shop and Post Office (Inaccessible Interior)
    • Pulowski Preservation Shelter (South)
    • South Morgantown Farmstead
    • Super Duper Mart (Inaccessible Interior)
    • Yellow Apartment Block (Roof Access)

    Notable Loot

    • Additionally, with the size of the location and the many pieces of notable note, the loot will be organized based on location. Tips on how to acquire said loot can be found on their individual pages, so as to not clutter this main page.
    Caps stashes
    • Inside the green "shopping" tent on the crossroads directly south of the Morgantown map marker and southeast of Vault-Tec University.
    Dynamic spawns

    North Morgantown

    Holotapes and Notes

    Central Morgantown

    Holotapes and Notes

    South Morgantown

    Holotapes and Notes
    • Suspicious Notes: Both of the notes are inside the trapped warehouse southwest of Mama Dolce's Food Processing. See page for details
    • In Memory of Books: The holotape is inside the locked safe behind the counter of the bookstore, next door to the barber shop.
    • Business is Bad: The note is inside the locked supply closet of the barber shop, next door to the bookstore.
    • To Janet: The note is pinned to the wall inside the bar at the south end of the city.
    • HR Meeting Minutes: The holotape is inside a large desk in the red brick building next door to Graviano's Italian Eatery.
    Potential Fallout 76 power armor
    • Inside the trapped warehouse southwest of Mama Dolce's Food Processing.

    Unknown Whereabouts

    Behind the Scenes

    Morgantown exists in reality as the county seat of Monongalia County, West Virginia. While the in-game city is considerably smaller, both cities share many similarities such as a nearby airport, university, and public transportation monorail system, or Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit or RPT, as it's commonly known as. One thing of note is that unlike Vault-Tec University being confined into a single area, West Virginia University is spread out through the city of Morgantown. Due to the multiple locations of its campuses within Morgantown, the PRT is both funded by WVU and free for all students for easy transportation between its three WVU stations and two downtown stations.

    The main difference between the two is their location. Morgantown in Fallout 76 is located between the Forest, the Toxic Valley and Savage Divide, with Grafton and Clarksburg north of the city, with The Pitt seemingly farther north than in real life. In actuality, Grafton and Clarksburg are south of Morgantown, with Pittsburgh a mere 75 miles away.


    Morgantown appears in Fallout 76.