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For a vehicle of the same name in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, see Monorail (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel).
LocationLas Vegas Boulevard Station
Camp McCarran terminal building
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All you need is one Ranger protecting the monorail. You don't even need to feed him that much. He'll get it done.

Rangers reacting to lack of security for the Monorail

The Monorail is a vehicle in Fallout: New Vegas.


The monorail is a vehicle that can be used to transport the player character from the New Vegas Strip to Camp McCarran or vice versa. As with most vehicles, except for the Presidential Metro in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel, travel is not seen.

The monorail is strictly for use by NCR VIPs and not to regular citizens,[1][2] but it is possible to gain use. To use the monorail, the player must have a "Liked" reputation with the New California Republic or be wearing NCR faction armor. It's also possible to enter with Boone as a companion.

It is possible to enter the car in-game when you are in the quest I Put a Spell on You, where you plant or disarm a bomb inside the vent. It is not however possible to walk along the top of the track.


  • The actual usefulness of the monorail is situational, it is almost always more efficient to simply fast travel to The Strip North Gate or away from the strip to the exterior of Camp McCarran. Effectiveness is based on reducing number of transitions, which the monorail does not do very well since it let's out into a building in Vegas and the exterior of McCarran. If these design features were reversed it would reduce the number of transitions required and make the monorail a viable choice. As it stands however the monorail is only useful if the Courier is inside the Camp McCarran terminal building/Camp McCarran Concourse or the Las Vegas Boulevard Station when deciding to visit the other end of the line. If the player is outside of those buildings, fast travel is either outright superior or identical in number of transitions.
  • During the mission I Put a Spell on You a pre-recorded announcement, likely from before the war, can be heard reminding passengers to keep children restrained when the monorail is in motion.



  1. Monorail guard: "Sorry. No civilians on the monorail. Any closer and I am authorized to use deadly force."
    (Monorail guard's dialogue)
  2. Fallout: New Vegas loading screen hints: "Travelers say there are two ways to get into the New Vegas Strip: through Freeside or via the monorail to Camp McCarran. Only military personnel and NCR VIPs are allowed to use the monorail."