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Mentioned-only character
Brother Moncrief
Brother Moncrief.jpg
Biography and appearance
AffiliationCult of the Mothman
LocationLandview Lighthouse
QuestsEvent: Path to Enlightenment

Brother Moncrief is a deceased Mothman Cultist appearing in Fallout 76.


Brother Moncrief is a mentioned-only character in Fallout 76 who’s skeleton can be found atop the Landview Lighthouse. He was sent there by the unnamed High Priestess of the Cult to observe the local firefly population and try to figure out a way to summon the Mothman (most likely due to a moth’s natural attraction to light). Apparently, the fireflies use the area to mate, but in doing so get erratic. Moncrief was fatally wounded in the process and later died atop the lighthouse. Moncrief traveled to the Landview Lighthouse shortly before the Great War in an attempt to use the lighthouse and summon the mothman


While not on his body due to the fact he is an unlootable skeleton, Brother Moncrief's Note can be found next to his remains.


Moncrief can be heard over the radio during the Path to Enlightenment event instructing the player to finish his work for him.


Moncrief appears only in Fallout 76.

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