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Mojave Wasteland is a vital frontier region roughly corresponding to the pre-War boundaries of the Mojave Desert. This page aims to provide a coherent overview of the settlements in the region and the roles they play.

List of communities

Point of reference
Name Type Overview
188 Trading Post Tradepost A stopping point where Highway 93 and Highway 95 intersect, the trading post is a small but well traveled area that sees a lot of foot traffic since the NCR closed the Long 15 because of deathclaws, Powder Gangers, and Legion infesting it.
Boulder City Town Boulder City was like any town before the First Battle of Hoover Dam, but after, As the Caesar's Legion was beginning to overtake the NCR during the the Battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR had evacuated and booby trapped the town with tons of explosives as a trap for the Legion. Once an order of retreat was given, the NCR fell far back and let the Legion enter Boulder City was blown up as a trap. The trap worked, severely crippling the Legion that day, but most of the town was destroyed. Today, Boulder City is little more than a construction town that turns limestone into cement, but because of deathclaws, cement processing has ceased.
Goodsprings Town An almost ghost town based around a still operating fresh water spring from before the war. Largely isolated from most of the happening in the Mojave, the rare caravan and odd courier does travel to Goodsprings, but that always once in a blue moon.
Novac Town Barely a town, Novac is based around the remains of a roadside motel on Highway 95. The town gets by largely on prospecting the surrounding area, like the REPCONN test site, and from caravans stopping in from travelling on the Highway.
Primm Town Billing itself as "The other New Vegas", Primm is a small, independent town that gets by on trading and gambling, but has recently been taken over by Escaped convicts.
Sloan Mining outpost A small mining outpost that works Quarry Junction for limestone for the NCR, but has ceased production due to a deathclaw infestation of the quarry.
New Vegas City The crown jewel of the Mojave that is home to intact skyscrapers, electricity, plenty of gambling and the mysterious Robert House.
Freeside Slum/Town A slum that is on the path to New Vegas and receives much of its revenue through the people passing through to the city of vice and sin.
North Vegas square Slum The north quadrant of the Vegas area, the square is made up of fragmented citizenry camping and protecting the area from Fiends and hostile critters.
Westside Town A struggling community that generates revenue by farming and trading, but that’s if anyone gets past the local gangs that inhabit the area.
Red Rock Canyon Tribal Dwelling Home to the once mighty but still vicious Great Khans who are responsible for creating the drugs that have addicted countless wastelanders.
Bitter Springs Refugee Camp (Currently) The former home of the Great Khans that, after the brutal Bitter Springs Massacre, is now a refugee camp for the less fortunate of the NCR’s citizens.
Jacobstown Town Like the state of Utopitha, Jacobstown is inhabited almost entirely with super mutants. However unlike the state found on Black Mountain, Jacobstown is a peaceful community that is struggling with anti-mutant attacks and finding a cure to Nightkin insanity.
Nellis Air Force Base Tribal Dwelling Inhabited by the xenophobic and weapon savvy Boomers Nellis has served as their isolated home that has allowed them to grow and prosper since their ancestors left Vault 34.
Crimson Caravan company Tradepost The New Vegas branch of the Crimson Caravan Company, responsible for the dealing of armors, weapons, and other equipment to the New California Republic Army and small caravans not under their ownership.
NCR sharecropper farms Farming Community Formed under the Thaler Act, these small OSI-overseen farms are utilized by the NCR to cultivate the land in exchange for money, military protection and sustenance.

List of abandoned communities

Name Type Overview Cause of abandonment
Nipton Town A large community with an economy based on services and trade. Proximity to Republican military camps and trade routes leading into Vegas helped foster a trade in entertainment (booze, drugs, prostitution), while the lack of law enforcement encouraged settlement by less-than-desirable citizens. Sacked by Legion forces under Vulpes Inculta. Most denizens slaughtered and crucified, remainder enslaved. One survivor.[1]
Nelson Village A small mining community on the shores of the Colorado. Occupied by Caesar's Legion under Decanus Dead Sea.[2]
Searchlight Military camp A military base securing the south-eastern Mojave, set up in a ghost town dating back to the times of the Gold Rush of the 19th century. Destroyed by frumentarii through the use of a dirty bomb.[3]
Tribal village Village A small village built into the mountain. Raided by the Fiends and later overrun by Cazadores[4]


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