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Mojave Outpost
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Map MarkerMojave Outpost
BuildingsMojave Outpost headquarters
Mojave Outpost barracks
FactionsNew California Republic
New California Republic Rangers
LeadersRanger Jackson
QuestsCan You Find it in Your Heart?
Cold, Cold Heart
Heartache by the Number
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
My Kind of Town
You Can Depend on Me
Cell NameMojaveOutpost (exterior)
MojaveOutpostHQ01 (Headquarters)
MojaveOutpostBarracks01 (barracks)
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You're looking at it. It's a watering hole without much to brag about. It's like a Brahmin drive gone wrong - supposed to be a gate north, but you come here, you get caught in the pen. Better to head back home. If you don't have a gun and a will, don't matter much what you do when you reach here, except stare at that fucking monument outside.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

NCR Ranger Outpost Mojave, usually referred to as just the Mojave Outpost, is the gateway to the Mojave Wasteland and the first stop for caravans traveling from the core lands of the New California Republic to New Vegas and beyond. It's also a military hub for all operations in south-western Mojave. All make it a major location in Fallout: New Vegas.


Established before the Great War at the mountain pass between the Mesquite and Ivanpah mountains, this highway checkpoint collected tolls from travelers entering the long stretch of I-15 going through solid desert to Barstow. Ruined vehicles stuck at the checkpoint when the bombs hit still litter the road leading into California, their rusted hulks slowly decaying in the air weather. It lay abandoned for over a century after the Great War, eventually becoming a natural boundary for the territory controlled by the Desert Rangers of Nevada. After the Rangers realized they could not protect the Mojave alone, especially not against the Legion, the checkpoint became a historic site as the Desert Rangers of Nevada and the Rangers of the New California Republic signed the Ranger Unification Treaty in 2271. The two forces merged into one, in exchange for NCR extending its jurisdiction to southern Nevada, New Vegas, and of course, Hoover Dam.[1][2]

The Outpost was established the following year under the NCR Rangers' jurisdiction, serving as a vital link between the Mojave and the core lands of the Republic. A pair of statues depicting the Rangers were erected at the edge of the outpost, memorializing the Treaty, though many interpret it as a demonstration of the Republic's might to the lands beyond the Outpost. Regardless of the intent, the statues remain a useful landmark for navigating the desert, lit up at night and easily visible in the distance to whomever passes through Ivanpah Valley.[2] Apart from clearing caravans coming in from Barstow, the Outpost asks as an administrative hub and command center for the south-eastern Mojave, responsible for protecting the stretch of the I-15 south of Primm and Highway 95 up to sectors protected by Camp Searchlight.[3] Soldiers posted here act as border guards, ensuring the safety of caravans moving up the highways into Nevada. While not the most prestigious postings, they are a lot safer than being posted to the frontline along the Colorado.[4]

Unfortunately, Army command took this safety for granted, siphoning soldiers off for frontline duties. When the NCRCF prison break occurred in 2281, the Outpost was forced to establish a permanent outpost at Primm, stretching its garrison to its limits and lapsing in the ability to patrol the highway and ensure its security,[5] as regulations require the Outpost to maintain a certain minimal headcount.[6] As a result, as Jackals, wildlife, and other riff-raff start to take over the highways, caravans are slowly backing up at the Outpost waiting for the roads to clear or their clearance papers to come through. Until then, everyone's stuck in a holding pattern, drinking away their sorrows.[7] The merchants are particularly irate, as the stagnation means they cannot sell their wares, while having to spend what little caps they have to feed their brahmin and caravan hands.[8]

The soldiers themselves are particularly worried about Legion pushing in through the southern Mojave. The loss of Nipton and Searchlight has opened up a direct attack route to the Outpost... Which is also a fallback position for all NCR forces in the Mojave and the gateway to the Republic. [9]


The Outpost straddles the I-15 passing through the mountain pass. The derelict toll booths offer shade from the sun, with brahmin pens located behind them. The main are of the outpost consists of a pair of buildings that once served the checkpoint staff and travelers, used for their purpose once again. Protected by a chain link fence and sandbags are the Mojave Outpost headquarters and barracks, providing soldiers and travelers with a place to rest, resupply, and take a drink.

The exit to the Mojave passes beneath the giant Ranger statues crafted out of scrap, continuing down the steep slope to the Ivanpah valley, with the approach covered by Sgt Kilborn and Ranger Ghost. The exit to California is protected by a locked chain link fence gate, two booths acting as watch towers, and soldiers monitoring the approaches. The desert beyond is largely bereft of fixtures, save for a few ruins and power lines leading to the Hub, at least until one reaches the highway interchange outpost at the Long 15.

In Lonesome Road, if the player elects to nuke the NCR, a nuke will appear over the Mojave Outpost. The outpost itself will not be damaged, but it will be possible to reach the aforementioned Long 15 outpost.

A variety of creatures can spawn in and around the outpost, attacking the characters there.



Notable loot

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  • Duck and Cover!: Middle of the bottom shelf behind the counter; marked as owned, can be purchased from Lacey. Note that due to the way it's placed, it's possible for it to fall through the ground and be lost.
  • 2 Nuka-Cola Quartz: Behind the bar on the shelves, can be bought.
  • 3 ice cold Nuka-Colas: Upper shelf behind the bar, opposite the aforementioned Quartz. Two are near the middle of the shelf, with the last one at the right edge.
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap: On the bar counter in the rear. Unlike everything else, it's not marked as owned.

Related quests


  • When the player talks to Knight for the first time with Confirmed Bachelor active, they can activate a bugged repair screen through dialogue, where he will repair anything for free and his skill will equal that of the player.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PCIcon pc.png Ranger Ghost might fall off the roof, staying on the ground (as her behavior package does not check whether she is where she's supposed to be).



Mojave Outpost appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Monument plaque: "In the year 2271, the Desert Rangers of Nevada and rangers of the New California Republic met at this spot to sign the Ranger Unification Treaty. Under this treaty, the Desert Rangers agreed to be absorbed into the NCR in exchange for NCR's protection of Hoover Dam, New Vegas, and southern Nevada against the forces of Caesar's Legion."
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