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Mojave Express
Logo Mojave Express.png
LeadershipJohnson Nash (Primm branch)
Notable MembersCourier
Daniel Wyand
Ulysses (formerly)
Notable LocationsPrimm

Mojave Express is a delivery company headquartered in Hub and with a branch in Primm in 2281.


The Mojave Express is one of many courier groups that have emerged with the NCR's expansion to the west to tackle the task of carrying letters and other packages across enormous distances of the American Southwest.[2] The Mojave Express couriers will deliver messages and other items from the Mojave Wasteland to New California and everywhere in between. The company is based out of the Hub in New California and presumably many other locations similar to the branch in Primm.[1]

Interactions with the player character

The Courier was hired to deliver a package to New Vegas from Primm.

Dropboxes operated by this company allow the player to move items between different settlements. See the dropbox article for more info.


  • ED-E can be found in the front counter inside the building. A Repair skill of 65 or Science skill of 55 (coupled with a Repair skill of 35) is required to activate it as a companion. On the other hand, having three Scrap metals, two Sensor modules, and one piece of Scrap electronics can repair ED-E without any skill requirements.
  • According to Ulysses, many of the couriers employed throughout the Mojave are agents working on behalf of Caesar, though this information is questionable at best.[3]


Mojave Express appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



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