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Map MarkerModoc
SectionsMain Street
Bed & Breakfast
Town Well
Down the John
Farrel's Garden
Grisham's Brahmin Pastures
Modoc Caves
Crimson Caravan
LeadersJo (2241)
QuestsFarrel has a rodent problem in his garden. Remove the infestation.
Jonny is missing. Find him and bring him home to Balthas.
Guard brahmin herd for Grisham

A small, quaint farming community, surrounded by vast fields of dead or dying crops.

— Modoc description, Fallout 2

Modoc is a town upon the remains of the Modoc National Forest, located in northern California. Modoc can be found fifteen squares east and three squares south of Arroyo.


A small community of farmers and ranchers sitting on the edge of the Modoc National Forest, this town has been the primary supplier of food (crops, meat) and raw agricultural products to the surrounding settlements for years. The arrangement has been very beneficial for the inhabitants for years, until the harshest drought in decades hit it in early 2241. Withering crops and dying brahmin signaled a potential death sentence for the small community.[1][2]

By mid-2241 was still operational, led by Jo, its multi-purpose mayor, sheriff, and justice of the peace. Ranchers have been gradually culling their herds to cut down on expenses and minimize losses, but the drought hung above the town like Damocles' sword. Traders who once left with cartloads of grain and meat now only stopped in the town long enough to restock and continue onward.

Beyond the drought, Modoc has its fair share of issues. Reports of ghastly apparitions at a nearby farm have the locals spooked, mostly because of the disappearances of a fellow towny and a child, rats have attacked local gardens, and there is no end of rumors about the chicken that Rose keeps in her shed.


The visit of the Chosen One to the town has changed it. By securing good relations with the Slags, he preserved the town and allowed it to become a major source of food for the region once again.[3] However, he also killed Rose's deathclaw, robbing Modoc of quite an unique element of cuisine.[4]


Modoc is divided into two districts, one cave section and two outside section.

Main Street

Welcome to the quietest town in the Wasteland

Main article: Main Street

Main Street is the entrance of Modoc. Jol, the sheriff and the merchant of the city stands here, running the trading post and organizing trade between Modoc and other cities. Interesting place include the tannery of Balthas in north, the house of Grisham's family and the church of Modoc.

Loot in Main Street

Modoc tannery:

Grisham house:


Bed and Breakfast

Deathclaw omelette sounds good!

Main article: Bed & Breakfast

Cornelius built this B&B for his sweetheart Rose (maybe) when they were young lovers. The B&B had a decently boring life since then, until it was covered in goop from the outhouse explosion caused by the Chosen One in 2241.

Loot in Bed and Breakfast

Farrel's Garden


Main article: Farrel's garden

Farrel tends these crops and he is proud, but the crops are infested by rats. The Chosen One can kill the vermin for Farrel.

Brahmin Pastures

Some angry wild dogs have hunger

This location is only accessible during the quest "Guard brahmin herd for Grisham". It's a small brahmin pasture next Modoc owned by Grisham. At the moment the Chosen One enter in the pasture, some wild dogs want to kill the Grisham's brahmins for eat.

Modoc Caves

Goop are everywhere!

Main article: Modoc Caves

A huge cavern below the Modoc's toilet filled with goo, with a pile of rocks blocking the passage to the north to a mole rat lair. Within the cavern, there is an large amount of methane, so the smallest spark would blow it sky-high.





Related quests


  • The injured brahmin in front of the slaughterhouse can be recovered for 200 XP using the Doctor skill.
  • If you marry the daughter of the butcher at the slaughterhouse, leave with his daughter, then let her die in a fight, you might want to come back to her father. If you tell him about his daughter's death, he himself will die of a heart attack.
  • If you have less than 4 in Intelligence, you can get a free omelet every time you talk to Rose, but nothing else.
  • When trying to find the stolen watch, you have to blow up a toilet to get to the sewers beneath it. The explosion will result in the entire Bed and Breakfast district's buildings being covered with, well, poo. Strangely, no one seems to care in the slightest about this chain of events.
  • If you talk to Rose about her omelets after you kill the deathclaw, she will tell you some fool broke into the "chicken" coop and killed her deathclaw, which sadly means no more omelets.
  • Rose is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas by her grandniece, Jas Wilkins. She tells the Courier the story about her great aunt and the "chicken".


Modoc appears only in Fallout 2. However, while not appearing in-game, Modoc is mentioned by few characters in Fallout: New Vegas.[5]


  • Since the European version of Fallout 2 removed children, the Modoc quest involving finding Jonny was not possible to solve but an unofficial fix which involved bringing children back to the game.


  1. The Chosen One: "{156}{}{What can you tell me about Modoc?}"
    Farrel: "{185}{}{Modoc is a small community of farmers and ranchers. We supply most of the food for the surrounding towns and cities by trading our crops for various essentials. It’s actually a very nice arrangement. However, this could all change with the drought. We can barely keep ourselves fed, let alone have surplus to trade.}"
  2. Trader: "{140}{}{I don't know why I bother to come here to trade.}"
    "{141}{}{This town is dying.}"
    "{142}{}{This used to be a prosperous farming town.}"
    (McTrader.msg) Note: # Pre Ghost General
  3. The Courier: "Are you from California?"
    Jas Wilkins: "Born and raised. Things back in California are better than they've ever been, according to my grandpa. The Raiders are mostly gone now and it's easy enough to get a job at one of the mills or farms. But now there's taxes and laws and other things. The NCR keeps things safe and orderly, but it's all very boring. So, I came out east towards the frontier."
    (Jas Wilkins' dialogue) Note: Jas Wilkins refers to the town and makes no mention of it dispersing. Likewise, given that the NCR expands into the Mojave to seek agricultural support, it's likely that Modoc is still operating, but unable to keep up with the rapidly increasing population.
  4. The Courier: "Where did you come up with this recipe?"
    Jas Wilkins: "My great-aunt Rose ran a bed and breakfast back in California, in a town called Modoc. She's the one who created the recipe in the first place. I don't know how she managed to get a hold of a female Deathclaw, but she kept it in a shed. Aunt Rose had a steady supply of eggs for her omelets. At least, she did until some stranger came along and killed the Deathclaw. Shot it right in the eye."
    (Jas Wilkins' dialogue)
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