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Mister Burke's house
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Megaton, local: )
Part ofMegaton
OwnersMr. Burke
Cell NameMegatonMisterBurkesHouse
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Mister Burke's house is a location in Megaton. It is locked with a very hard lock.


Mister Burke's house is near the Megaton atomic bomb. Enter the house, there are metal boxes to your left side, a desk to your right side. The bed is at the end.


  • Oddly, Burke's house contains only a pre-War hat, a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and a sawed-off shotgun.
  • Burke never goes to his house.
  • The key to this house cannot be found in-game (in particular, not on Mr. Burke, dead or alive). The only way to obtain it is by console.
  • There is no karma loss for stealing Mr. Burke's items, or even entering his house, as his own karma status is "very evil".
  • Why Burke would have a house in a place he plans to destroy is quite odd. The residents say you cant buy a house so why they would let Burke purchase one is also quite odd.


Mister Burke's house appears only in Fallout 3.