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For the Fallout 3 custom built weapon, see Rock-It Launcher. For the overview of Rocket launchers, see Rocket launcher.
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A missile launcher is a shoulder-fired missile weapon, distinguished from rocket launchers by the onboard guidance the missiles have.


Missile launcher


A pre-War shoulder-mounted multipurpose missile weapon, consisting of a reusable launch unit with an advanced fire control system and a stainless steel launch tube. The control system is contained within a bulky reinforced control box and allows for a degree of target tracking. Aftermarket guidance systems were introduced shortly before the Great War, allowing for greatly increased accuracy and precision. Of note is the fact that unlike most conventional launchers, this model is a breech-loading weapon. Reloading involves breaking it open and sliding the fin-stabilized missile into the frontal section. The remaining length of the launching tube helps protect the operator from the blast, but even then, anyone standing behind it will be scorched, as the backblast is directed rearwards at a 90 degree angle and reaches up to sixty meters.[1]

It remains a popular weapon with many factions and individuals in the wasteland, including raiders, super mutants, mercenary groups, and adventurers looking for something that packs a lot of punch. The availability of specialist munitions such as hive missiles makes it particularly attractive.

Modular missile launcher

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Gameplay articles:

A refined, highly adaptable multipurpose missile weapon introduced into the American arsenal, the modular launcher is smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable than the earlier model. It consists of the two-part launch tube, firing mechanism, mounting brackets, open battle sights and a mount for an aftermarket guidance system. It is a breech-loading weapon, reloaded by lifting the front section of the launch tube and sliding the 72mm fin-stabilized missile inside. The rear part of the tube is designed to safely disperse launch gasses, allowing it to be launched from confined spaces. Of note is the fact that the launcher can accept a quad-barrel mount, quadrupling its capacity and firepower.[2]


  1. Weapon appearance and behavior. The rear plate states that the backblast can reach 60m, although this is not reflected in the gameplay.
  2. Weapon appearance.