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For an overview of missile ammunition types in varios Fallout games, see missile.
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The missile is a Big Guns ammunition found in Fallout 3. This type of ammunition is only used with the missile launcher and its unique variants.


Missiles are hard to come by as the majority of such ammunition is found by killing enemies that utilize the missile launcher. These enemies are limited to super mutants, higher-leveled Talon Company mercs, raiders, and some wastelanders. Even though these are common enemies, few members of such groups carry a missile launcher at low levels (level 2-14).

  • Sometimes, the player can randomly find missiles on enemies that do not use a missile launcher.
  • A player can find more missiles in ammunition containers with the Scrounger Perk. Combined with high Luck, there have been cases of players finding over 30 missiles in one container.

Weapons using this ammunition

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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  • 10 missiles are found in the National Guard depot's bunker, piled next to a missile launcher (not affected by Scrounger perk).
  • In an ammunition box at the super mutant uphill camp between the Jefferson Memorial's bridge and Rivet City.
  • Inside Fort Independence, in two containers in the storage room with the alien power cell container
  • Flak 'N Shrapnel's will carry around 3 missiles for sale, but this supply will rarely exceed 6 missiles.
  • Lucky Harith carries a few missiles when the player invests a second time in the free-form quest Merchant Empire.
  • Traveling to the extreme south-east corner of the map, near Rivet City, you can find 2 ammunition boxes exclusively containing missiles on the wreckage of a ship. You will have to swim across the river to get here.
  • Over 28 split across three ammunition boxes on a wrecked barge just west of Arefu along the shallow river bank. It is guarded by a few protectrons. (Confirmed with Scrounger only).
  • In an ammunition box next to a missile launcher around the back of the Washington Monument.