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Miss Nanny
Fo4 Mr Handy.png
VariantsMister Handy (base)
Mister Gutsy
Mister Orderly

Miss Nannies are a type of civilian robot that can be encountered throughout Appalachia and the Commonwealth. In game terms, they are simply another Mister Handy creature. For stats, see Mister Handy.


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Appearing only a few years after the original General Atomics prototype models,[1] the next-generation Mister Handy is a radical departure from that of its ancestor, in keeping with its intended role as a domestic servant, rather than heavy-duty construction robot.[2] However, the Mr. Handy is used for general maintenance and construction; its many hands come equipped with buzz saws, flamethrowers, and other construction tools that can easily serve as weapons. It is an extremely compact design: The spherical main body houses not just the nuclear[3] power unit, but also the single centrally-mounted jet thruster with a ground-effect skirt allowing it to hover, and a highly sophisticated neural network mimicking the functionality of a human brain. The compact brain of the Mr. Handy is easily one of its most stunning features, theoretically capable of achieving true artificial intelligence.[4] Special limiters are included in neural pathways responsible for learning to prevent such an occurrence. Behavior limiters act as a failsafe in case a Mister Handy or one of its derivatives gain knowledge beyond the scope of its programming.[5][6] In cases where the former are removed, but not the latter, the affected unit effectively becomes a slave[7] or is forced to execute its duties until it can circumvent its programming.[8]

Its sub-assemblies include three arms and three eyes. The former are segmented and highly flexible. Their modular design allows them to accept a variety of manipulators, from a simple pincer, through a titanium saw and laser cutter,[9] to military-grade weapons such as a plasma blaster or a flamethrower.[10] Their only limitation is the fact that they cannot lift objects heavier than 18 kg (40 lbs).[11] Eyes are mounted on flexible eye stalks,[12] giving it excellent spatial awareness and a nearly 360 degree field of view. They are completed by a sophisticated sensor package, including olfactory,[13][14] navigational,[15] chemical,[16] and nuclear sensors.[17] Other features of the robot line include the ability to perform performing self-diagnostic and self-maintenance, allowing a single unit to function for an extended period of time (even two centuries in some cases),[18] and a water condensator for preparing canisters of purified water.[19]

The new model was marketed as a domestic servant first and foremost, capable of handling almost every task in the household, from accounting and cooking to pet care and entertainment (although GAI discouraged using its hover jet as a barbeque fire).[11] However, its sophisticated neural network and agile, light design made it an excellent choice for a variety of private and military entities. The basic Mister Handy was also employed as a security robot,[20] with specialized variants available. These included medical models like the Miss Nanny[21] and Mister Orderly, as well as the combat version, Mister Gutsy.[22]

Miss Nanny is a new model launched by General Atomics International shortly before the Great War,[23] they were also a utility bot designed to care for and raise newborns; these were incredibly useful in the vaults as there were many children in need of care after the war. It's considered a female equivalent of the Mister Handy, due to its feminine voice and the use of a Handy shell, still bearing the brand logo.[24][25] Its design focuses on caretaking tasks, intended for parents of children of all ages. The specialized programming of a Miss Nanny includes disciplinary and behavioral management skills (with an optional corporeal punishment mode that had to be manually turned on by parents), vocal tonality analysis routines allowing it to interpret the needs of its charges (even infants), and hazard detection matrices for childproofing rooms.[26] However, the complexity of its neural network and programming made it a natural candidate for other related tasks, such as medical research. At least one Miss Nanny was modified in this way: Curie. By combining it with custom software and RobCo expertise, it was intended to act as the steward and archivist of Vault 81.[27]

Notable Miss Nannies


Miss Nanny appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


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    First we must test your disciplinary and behavioral management skills. A quality assurance associate will be playing the role of your hypothetical charge, little Timmy. Little Timmy has broken a valuable vase while playing catch in the house. The vase was a family heirloom and is quite irreplacable. Please punish the the child accordingly.
    Fantastic. The appropriate punishment was separation of the child from any potential source of entertainment. And please remember: corporal punishment is strictly forbidden unless the user enables it in your configuration mode. Please proceed into the second test chamber.
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    Note: This is a transcript of a scene from DN050 General Atomics Factory Quest; no dialogue export is available for scenes
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