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Mirelurk nesting hole
Mirelurk nesting hole.jpg
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Museum Authority Building, local: Mirelurk Nesting Hole)
Part ofThe Mall
Cell NameTheMallMirelurkhole (exterior)
MirelurkHole (interior)
ref id0001fa38 (exterior)
00018ccd (interior)
Mirelurk Nesting Hole map.jpg

The mirelurk nesting hole is a location in Fallout 3.


This is a cave complex reached through a sewer grate south of the reflecting pool in The Mall. In many places there are radioactive streams of water leaking down. Originally home to a small number of humans who hid here seeking refuge, they apparently perished from the radiation or the giant ants and mirelurks that chose to make it their nesting place.

A little ways after you start out, you will meet a fork in the path. Both tracks will converge later on, the right path eventually dropping into the left path from above. Following the path will lead to a circular chamber used by the mirelurks as a nesting site protected by a high level mirelurk (a mirelurk hunter, king, or both).

Notable loot

  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in a cave northwest of the main southern chamber. There is also an assault rifle with some ammunition and a sledgehammer. (A) (The circuitous route to this location starts by scaling some rocks north of a dead raider. If you find a brahmin corpse and another dead raider at the top, you're headed in the right direction.)
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Southwestern chambers (the one with the high level mirelurk), crammed up in the corner. Hug the western wall (it is not up the rubble pile), next to a Ham radio. (B)


The mirelurk nesting hole appears only in Fallout 3.