Miner Miracles

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Miner Miracles
F76 Miner Miracles.png
Quest data
LocationGarrahan Mining Headquarters
Editor IDMTR02_Miner
Base ID0033c4de

Miner Miracles is a quest in Fallout 76.


Garrahan Mining Company created an impressive piece of technology before the Great War, the Excavator power armor. Are Vault 76 dwellers up for a bit of archaeology to uncover its secrets and reconstruct it?


  • This quest is acquired by traveling to the Garrahan Mining Headquarters and finding out the secret of their invention. The Project Manager's terminal in the lab contains the schematics necessary to craft the Excavator power armor. The quest requires the player to construct all six pieces, place them on a frame, then register it with the mainframe (next to the R&D lab at the headquarters). Doing so unlocks the armor's mining bonus and completes the quest.
  • To build the armor, the player needs the following total amount of resources:
    • 102 steel
    • 60 screws
    • 60 springs
    • 36 black titanium
    • 36 oil
    • 30 gear
    • 26 rubber
    • 12 glass
    • 6 nuclear material