Minefield power substation

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Minefield power substation
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Minefield)
Cell NamePS02
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The Minefield power substation is a power station a short distance to the southwest of Minefield and northwest of the scrapyard.


The substation is inside a chain link fence between two transmission towers. At first, there appears to be little of note here, just some empty Nuka-Cola bottles and a skeleton. However, directly south of the power station, underneath a transmission tower, is a skeleton with a BB gun nearby. Facing the power station now reveals several bottles on top of a beam above the power station that were presumably being shot at.

Notable loot

  • Two Nuka-Cola Quantums: one bottle is found next to the skeleton and BB gun underneath the nearby transmission tower and another is on top of the beam above the power station.
  • A rare BB gun and 13 BBs can be found underneath the transmission tower directly south of the station.


The Minefield power substation appears only in Fallout 3.