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Milton General Hospital
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Map MarkerMilton General Hospital
FactionsSinjin's raiders
QuestsThe Silver Shroud
Cell NameMiltonGeneralExt
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Milton General Hospital is the large ruin of a nearly fully automated healthcare facility in Milton Massachusetts.


Before the Great War, this hospital was funded entirely by local church donations and municipal funds until the invention of automated surgery. As such, the hospital saw record earnings after replacing its human staff with a field of Nurse Handys and Doctor Handy, MDs... as well as a strong legal team to cover up any lawsuits stemming from this investment. Regardless, it remained a popular destination for patients, particularly due to it being capable of receiving patients transported by air, thanks to its roof helipad.[1]


The hospital opens to a front reception area with a few bathrooms in the back. Down a hallway to the north is an area where hospital employees could shower, as well as an elevator leading down to the basement. Stairs lead down to a coroners office and autopsy room/morgue. Stairs head up to an office and elevator leading up to the ground floor of the hospital again.

The hall is lined with patient rooms; a hole in the floor leads down to a lower floor. The hallway outside this room is guarded by two turrets; behind them is a door is a hallway leading to yet another elevator going down to the basement. The elevator opens to a single, multi-tiered room that contained the robots used in the hospital, now all berserk.

Notable loot

  • A Syringer in the wards, in an Advanced locked room.
  • There a Nuka-Cola Quantum in the basement area, on the second floor of the morgue. It is at the end of the room on a desk, hidden behind a box.
  • Just before the final elevator into the basement at the end of the hospital, there is a Nuka-Cola machine containing two Nuka-Cola Quantums and a Nuka Cherry.


Milton General Hospital appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Historically, this hospital survived on donations from local churches and city funds until the invention of automated surgery. This hospital saw record earnings by employing a staff of Nurse Handys and Doctor Handy, MD, models and had a strong legal team to cover up any lawsuits. Then the bombs dropped."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide)