Military pillboxes

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Military pillboxes
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: [[]])
FactionsUnited States Armed Forces (formerly)
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These strange military pillboxes lie southwest of the Suffolk County Charter School.


These five strange, clustered together, structures are gradually sinking into the swamp. Four of these structures flank the central structure. The two northern most have what appear to be vents on the northern face, both have two pipes protruding outward and downward into the earth facing one another. On their roofs are some sort of machinery end and an antenna. Each antenna is different, both are attached by wire to the central structure.

The two southern most structures have identical antenna. Two large pipes protrude outward one on their northern sides and their other facing east and west. Both are lit by wall lights and have some sort of machinery on their sides facing away from the structure.

The central structure's northern side has a sign above the door. It warns of not trespassing on the restricted area. On the southern side is an door partially sunk into the mud. On its eastern side is a sign reads "Out of Order". The northern door is lit by a light, opening it reveals a plastic Halloween skeleton decoration on a wall. Above it graffiti, written is "You look nice today!" Opening the door also activates the location's automated security, a sentry bot which appears behind the central structure.


Military pillboxes appears only in Fallout 4.