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This page lists all military conflicts in chronological order, including belligerents and victorious parties.


Start End Name Belligerents Notable engagements Location(s)
2052 2077 Resource Wars
2052 Unknown United States invasion of Mexico
2052 2060 Euro-Middle Eastern War

Middle East

2060 2077 European Civil War Former European Commonwealth member states


2066 2077 Sino-American War
2077, October 23rd 2077, October 23rd Great War
  • All surviving nuclear powers.


Start End Name Belligerents Notable engagements Location(s)
2126 2128 Great Merchant Wars
  • Merchant houses of the Hub
2242 Ongoing NCR-Enclave War
2253 2255 Brotherhood of Steel expedition to D.C.
Late 2250s/early 2260s Ongoing Brotherhood War
2273 Ongoing Mojave Campaign
Principal participants
Other participants
2276 2283 Schism
2277 2278 The Purifier Conflict
Related engagements
2287 Ongoing Commonwealth Campaign
Notable sites