Military barge (University Point)

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Military barge
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: [[]])
FactionsUnited States Armed Forces (formerly)
Whichever faction is chosen after the completion of the game
Brotherhood of Steel (Eastern division)
The Institute
The Railroad
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An the confluent of Neponset River and Dorchester Bay this barge is beached between the Neponset Park and the Atom Cats garage.


At the confluent of Neponset River and Dorchester Bay this barge is beached on the shore of Quincy Massachusetts. Two infantry fighting vehicles are facing the beach, the eastern IFV is leaning off the barge, the western IFV is still on the barge. This IFV's ramp is down, inside is an ammo box on the bench and a first aid box on the crate. Shipping containers, crates, barrels, and a pallet litter the barge itself. Around the back of the shipping containers is a wooden crate. This barge is guarded by a Mister Gusty.

Several shipping containers have fallen overboard since the war. Two are beside the barge, one however is farther down the beach. Inside is a skeleton curled up into a corner between the shipping container wall and another smaller shipping container. Next to the skeleton is an Novice locked explosives box. The remains of a sedan and a truck both lie on the beach to the southwest.


Military barge appears only in Fallout 4.