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Military Robotics Oversight Committee
TypeCongressional committee
Relations and associations
ParentCongress of the United States
Related EntitiesUnited States Army Robotics Division

Military Robotics Oversight Committee (MROC) was a Congressional organization responsible for civilian oversight of military applications robots (principally the United States Army Robotics Division). Apart from regular oversight duties, the Committee was also responsible for investigating and reviewing failures in robot protocols, as well as determining the appropriate response in an ongoing rogue robot situation. The MROC possessed remote access to military robotics facilities nationwide, capable of remotely terminating alerts or lifting lockdowns in facilities under its oversight.[1][2]


Military Robotics Oversight Committee is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


  1. RB-2851 terminals; Security Office Terminal, (074): Gamma-IX Security Alert: "RB-2851 SECURITY PROTOCOL 087
    Epsilon-VI Security Alert
    In the event of a fault in the CODE Conditioning Protocol ('CCP', [021]) resulting in a mass uprising of the robot janitorial staff (see definitions, Appendix III), any Class-II supervisor is authorized to declare an Epsilon-VI Security Alert.
    If such an alert is initiated, all security and defensive systems will activate, remote terminal functions will be disabled, and the Control Center will enter an automated lockdown state. Facility staff are advised to arm themselves and shelter in place. An external review will be conducted by the Military Robotics Oversight Committee ('MROC') within ten (10) business days to determine the appropriate course of action.
    This alert may be terminated: [1] By remote authorization from the MROC, or [2] By the Facility Administrator, from the Master Control Terminal in the Control Center.
    As a failsafe, if the Control Center has been compromised, a limited manual override can be initiated from the elevator access terminal in Security Room 3. Voiceprint identification of three registered Class-II supervisor-level employees is required to activate the override."
  2. RB-2851 terminals; Security Office Terminal, (087): Epsilon-VI Security Alert: "RB-2851 SECURITY PROTOCOL 219
    Omega Protocol
    In the event of confirmed nuclear detonations, the Facility Administrator (or, in his absence, the highest-level supervisor on duty; hereafter Acting Administrator) shall institute a temporary lockdown and order all staff to shelter in place.
    A Loss of Contact (LOC) with the military chain of command is to be expected.
    After a period of no less than twelve (12) hours from the LOC event, the Acting Administrator shall attempt to reestablish contact (see Emergency Communications Protocols, Appendix IX). Any instructions transmitted pursuant to those communications are to be followed and supercede this protocol.
    In the event that communications cannot be reestablished within twenty-four (24) hours from LOC, the Acting Administrator shall initiate an orderly shutdown of the Facility. Test subjects are to be secured in their cells. Facility staff remaining on-site are to delete any sensitive files and records, close down their stations, arm themselves, and collect their personal belongings.
    If communications have not been reestablished by thirty (30) hours from LOC, the Acting Administrator shall activate Lockdown Mode Omega. This will provide a ten (10) minute window for staff to evacuate the Facility. This evacuation should be presumed to be permanent. Once initiated, the lockdown can only be terminated via remote autorization from the Military Robotics Oversight Committee."