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For an overview of Super Sledge models throughout the Fallout series, see Super sledge.
Micro sledge
Tactics micro sledge.png
Damage & attacks
Damage8 - 20
Damage TypeNormal
Attack Modes
SwingAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 3
RangeIcon range.png Range: 1
ThrustAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 4
RangeIcon range.png Range: 2
Assault carbine extended magazines icon.png Burst size: rounds
Value$ 250
Message FileItems.txt
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Micro sledgehammers are melee weapons that can be found and obtained by the Warrior in Fallout Tactics, and are seen to be miniaturized models of the pre-War super sledge design.


Micro sledges are miniaturized models of the super sledge, which are solely manufactured by the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel. These micro sledges are comprised of the same materials and parts as super sledges, albeit at a much smaller scale. This particular model of sledge has kinetic energy storage device fitted, which withholds a large amount of force, which is then released upon contact for an improved knock-back effect.[1]


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A micro sledge can be found in the Peoria bunker, on top of a workbench in a room just past the defense turrets.


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