Michael Blake

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Mentioned-only character
Michael Blake
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault-Tec Corporation
RoleProfessor of Linguistics and Psychology
Mentioned inFallout 76

I should feel luck they believe language is a skill worth preserving in the event society collapses and we all need to move underground.

Michael Blake was a professor of linguistics and psychology who worked at Vault-Tec University before the company turned it into a trade school for its companies. As other professors were dismissed and the curriculum amended to focus on Vaults, he was retained. As a tenured professor, he split his time between teaching classes and working on his own personal project, finding and studying artefacts from the earliest human settlement in north America. His position allowed him to study the Horse Creek Petroglyphs , which have always fascinated him, especially. The idea that Europeans landed in North America and traveled that far inland during the sixth or seventh century was truly fascinating. As for translations, he was a firm supporter of the Basque translation over the Old Irish Ogham and other variants, as it painted a vivid picture of a great bison hunt.[1]

Shortly before the Great War, he devoted himself to studying petroglyphs that had no real equivalent among old European runes... Or native American petroglyphs in West Virginia. Supplied by Jacquelyn in cooperation with Agent Wilson, the petroglyphs were alleged to have an extraterrestrial origin. Although Blake disagreed, he nonetheless kept his notes on the guidestone in offline storage, just in case the data got corrupted, rather than out of paranoia.[2]


Michael Blake is only mentioned in Fallout 76.