Message to Marge 1

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Message to Marge 1
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Message to Marge 1 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Marge. I keep recording these. Hoping one day I can make it home. I found these Brotherhood of Steel guys outside of Grafton. Heard about them. Some weird military cult.

Seeing them in action... made me... I remember when my unit would roll in like that. All shock and awe. Raiders didn't stand a chance. One of them, Knight Moreno, noticed me. Came over and chatted.

Nice guy. Really made me rethink the stuff I've been told. It came out I was in the cavalry at Anchorage, he said they had a place for me. Marge, I'm sorry. I've made it maybe 400 miles since the bombs.

At this rate Texas might as well be a million miles further. I need... a unit. A place to belong. I feel like the Brotherhood may be it.

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