Mesquite Mountains lean-to

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Mesquite Mountains lean-to
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: California Sunset Drive-in)

Mesquite Mountains lean-to is an unmarked location in Fallout New Vegas, located south-west of the California Sunset Drive-in and directly east of Mesquite Mountains Crater.


This small encampment is located at a small rocky niche, covered by salvaged metal sheets with a TV antenna placed on top like a landmark. The owner placed an old mattress here together with what meager supplies they could gather, together with an old motorcycle. The place is abandoned now, with a frag mines placed under the traffic cone and motorcycle to kill any salvagers. It has to be disabled if the player wants to gather the supplies without having to track them down all over.

Notable loot


Mesquite Mountains lean-to appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.