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Meresti service tunnel
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Connects toNorthwest Seneca station
Meresti station
World Map ExitsMeresti trainyard
Cell NameMerestiMetro01
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TerminalsMeresti service tunnel terminal entries
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Whoa, whoa. Slow down there. This area's off limits to everyone but the Family. Where the hell do you think you're going?


Meresti service tunnel is the DCTA Metro rail service route. This rail tunnel directly connects west to Meresti station, south to Northwest Seneca station, and north to the Meresti trainyard.


Coming from the north rail yard tunnel entrances, there are several traps to be avoided as well as mines. The tunnel traverses a north-south orientation diverging at the southern end, one passage leading west, to Meresti station and The Family, the other, south to Northwest Seneca station.

The western tunnel ends, passed two sandbag barricades and several derelict passenger cars collapsed on top of a passenger car, after the service intersection and before Meresti station. This is where the Family has set up Robert's sentry post.

The southern tunnel ends, collapsed, just on top of a passenger car. Just below and in front of this obstacle is the sinkhole entrance to a damp cavern that continues to traverse south. Within this irradiated cavern are mirelurks, hinting at an underground water source that leads to the Potomac River. This underground cavern ends at Northwest Seneca station, not at the station, but at a sewer manhole within an irradiated closet at the office of the foyer of the station, where Murphy resides.


In addition to Robert, a few mirelurks walk the southern cavern that leads to Northwest Seneca station.

Notable loot


The Meresti service tunnel appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Meresti is derived from Merești, the name of a town (more specifically, a commune) in Romania, which is fitting considering the overall vampire theme of the Family. Justin specifically makes note of this.[1]


  • A notable bug in this area is at the outpost where a desk is positioned sideways with scorched books, coffee mug and a stimpak (only the coffee mug can be picked up) on top of it as if it were on the desk itself, and not as if it were floating in mid air.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What is this place?"
    Justin: "Well, Vance told me that this place was called Meresti. It was named after some town way across the ocean in a place called Romania."
    (Justin's dialogue (Fallout 3))