Melee Hacker

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Melee Hacker
Fallout: New Vegas
RequirementsSeveral Melee challenges
EffectsMelee attack speed increases +5%/+10%
base id0015eade

Melee Hacker is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


The requirements for this perk aren't entirely straightforward:

  1. The Courier will have to complete the challenge "Up Close" (50 melee kills), which will unlock the challenge "Up Closer" (75 melee kills).
  2. Completing "Up Closer" will unlock the challenge "I Can Do It One Handed" (10,000 damage with one-handed melee weapons), and the challenge "Two Hands are Better than One" (10,000 damage with two-handed melee weapons).

Completing one of these challenges grants the first rank of the perk, increasing melee attack speed by 5%. Completing the remaining challenge grants the second rank of the perk, increasing melee attack speed by another 5%, for a total of 10%.