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Med-Tek Laboratories
Company data
Berry Mentats
Orange Mentats
Grape Mentats
Prevent (slated for 2078)
My First Infirmary
My First Laboratory
Super Duper stimpak Project V13PV13.png
Key peopleWayne Tournquist
CountryUnited States of America
LocationsMed-Tek Research (Malden, Massachusetts)

Med-Tek Laboratories (occasionally misspelled Medtech or Med-Tex, and simply called Med-Tek) was a pre-War corporation active in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors.


One of the pre-eminent biomedical research companies in the United States, Med-Tek focused on enabling better living through chemistry. Their flagship products included the Mentats brand of addictive nootropics (in a variety of flavors) and Fixer brand of addiction suppressants. It also released a series of personal chemical kits under the deceptively simple names My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory, which were fully capable of automatically diagnosing and treating any injury or level of irradiation and removing addictions or producing chemical compounds respectively.[1][2]

To maintain demand, Med-Tek heavily invested in public relations campaigns, such as branded promotions at the National Archives, featuring flavored Mentats variants.[3][4] Coupled with the proven efficacy of its brand of nootropics, Mentats enjoyed a stable demand in school districts and colleges,[5] which only increased with time and population. Fixer was also very popular, particularly in zones seeded by the company in advance with addictive drugs. The latest miracle drug manufactured by the company, Prevent, was projected to be another sales hit - though whether it was due to "seeding" or genuine efficacy will remain unknown.[6]

Med-Tek also heavily invested in research on infectious diseases, specially tailored viruses that targeted specific populations and even specific age groups.[7] The work was centered in Malden, MA, with the child company Med-Tek Research, which was sealed up tightly on the eve of the Great War thanks to an advance warning received by the company's CEO.[8][7]

In the Appalachian Territories, specifically Harpers Ferry and the Charleston AVR Medical Center, Med-Tek experimented with a potentially new revolutionary technology, known as the Sympto-Matic.[9]

Known products

Behind the scenes

  • The company's name is misspelled as Med-Tex, Med Tex, or even Medtech in textures and a few terminals.[10][11][12]


The company's products appear in all Fallout games to date.



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  2. The Lone Wanderer: "Can you explain how the My First Laboratory works?"
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