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Mechanical Menace
Quest data
LocationWattz Consumer Electronics
Given ByCaravan distress frequency (becomes active upon reaching Level 15)
RewardVariable Experience points
Editor IDDLC01MQ01
Base IDxx000806
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leads to:
A New Threat

Mechanical Menace is a quest in Automatron.


A caravan distress call is received by the Sole Survivor while traversing the Commonwealth: A group of traders is under attack by savage robots near the Wattz Consumer Electronics store. Once they arrive, the situation becomes even more serious...


Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Listen to the Caravan Distress Call My Pip-Boy is picking up a distress call signal. I should listen to it to see what it says.
Find the Caravan The distress signal told me the caravan was just east of Wattz Consumer Electronics. If I want to help them, I need to get there fast.
Eliminate the Hostile Robots When I arrived at the caravan site, the travelers were already dead. I saw a robot being attacked by several other robots that I've never seen before. If I help this lone robot, perhaps I can learn more about what's going on.
Speak to the Robot Now that I've rescued the robot I should speak to it and find out what's going on.
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