Mechanic's Best Friend

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Mechanic's Best Friend
F76 Mechanics Best Friend.png
TypeOne-handed melee weapon
DamageSee main article
Damage TypeBallistic
Special Effects
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • +30% damage to robots
  • +1 Strength
Weapon Modification
Weapon VersionsPipe wrench

Mechanic's Best Friend is a unique weapon in Fallout 76.


A special legendary weapon received for completing Survival challenges. As expected, it's very powerful, with guaranteed multiple legendary effects. As expected, it's only available in Survival mode.



Destroy Different Kinds of Robots

  • The player simply has to destroy an Assaultron, Protectron, sentry bot, and a Mr Handy or Mr Gutsy (one each). Watoga provides Assaultrons, Protectrons, and Handies aplenty (especially after completing the quest that makes them ignore the player), while sentry bots are a little harder to track down: They can be found at the Whitespring, in The Whitespring Bunker (for those seeking a challenge), and spawn during Event: Battle Bot.