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Mayor for a Day
Quest data
LocationWatoga Municipal Center
Abandoned Bog Town
RobCo Research Center
  • All Rise
  • Mayor's hat
  • Mayor's clothes
  • Watoga mayor safe combination
  • Random ammo
  • Random aid item
  • Watoga robots stop attacking the player
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Mayor for a Day is a quest in Fallout 76.


MAIA, the automated Mayor of Watoga, is seeking help from a talented - and tenacious - third party to help deal with the chaos at Watoga...


  • A saboteur has caused tremendous damage in AMS' flagship city by reprogramming the robots of the town to attack humans on sight. MAIA, acting on orders from the final mayor of Watoga, has decided to seek a replacement and resolve the situation. Tracking down the saboteur is the first order of business.
  • The saboteur can be tracked down by exploring Watoga Emergency Services. However, those short on time can just head out of town up Route 65, looking for a small green warehouse west of the claimable workshop along the 65. Inside, the player will have to search the location for five clues to prove Scott Turner's involvement in the Watogan sabotage. These are located on:
    • Turner's body (letters)
    • Turner's terminal (all options)
    • Inside the safe (bottom section of the filing cabinet)
    • Holotapes scattered around
  • The next step requires finding a copy of the virus and making it so that the Watogan systems will identify the player's character as an authorized citizen. This is accomplished at the RobCo Research Center further up the road. The saboteur's office on the east side of the building is where the player can obtain the virus holotape, by using his terminal and choosing the option to scan likeness.
  • The final part of the quest is the most challenging: The player will have to upload the virus from the relay tower on top of the Municipal Center, the one right next to a scorchbeast nest. The player will have to defend the terminal and keep it functional for five whole minutes, while fending off waves of robots and a scorchbeast. Hiding in the elevator will protect the player from the scorchbeast, and as long as the robots are aggroing them, they will leave the relay alone.
  • After the time elapses, robots will cease attacking and the player will be rewarded with the code to the mayor's safe and immunity from robot attacks while at Watoga (unless they shoot first, that is).
  • Note that the immunity is player-specific. Those who did not complete the quest will still be attacked at will by the killer robots.


  • Sometimes, multiple copies of the notes can spawn at the saboteur's trailer. The correct ones will be marked with a quest mark next to them, best seen when viewing the Transfer menu.